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  1. Hi I wondered if you could help me, please. My carer today spoke with my electricity company and asked to remove the pre-payment meters I have at my home. The electricity company asked to perform a credit check on myself. I did not agree to the credit check and the electricity company did not ask me permission, only asking my Carer to give permission. I believed there are strict rules about credit checks being performed and the company should have asked to speak to myself. Can anyone please confirm if this is correct? Thank you.
  2. Thanks Brigadier and everyone else who took the time to respond! Thank you also to Ploddertom for his posting about Devon and Cornwall's Police Force policy on Bailliffs. I cannot link it as I'm only a junior on here, but it's at the top of the main index. Anyone reading this thread and in a similar situation should have a read of it, it contains everything you need to know and you should perhaps print it off and keep it by your locked front door. All the best to you all. Anton
  3. Hi there everyone, The debt is 5 years old, it will be 6 years old at the end of this year (October). I think the ex-landlord is having 'one final gasp of breathe' to try and get his money before it becomes statute barred; money he isn't actually owed, either (see below). The police gave me a crime reference number but yes, they reminded me that it's a civil matter and that they would only attend in person if there was a breach of the peace. I told them that my client is a man living alone with schizophrenia and is considered vulnerable and they said that the bailiffs/HCEOs
  4. Hi Brigadier, thanks, that's a very good idea. Surfboy, thanks also. He has asked me about getting a CCTV installed to monitor people coming and going, so I will organise that for him. What would a bailiff do if this gentleman simply refused to open the door and refused to speak to them on every visit? My client doesn't answer the door even to the postman or milkman, this is because of his illness and his fears, and so he's hardly likely to speak to a bailiff. What do you think could happen if he just refused all contact, not even speaking to them through the letterbox or acknowledgi
  5. Hi guys and girls, I'd like to thank every one for their comments. I do not have Power of Attorney but it does seem that the rogue landlord who is chasing my client does not know where he lives. I've emailed the rogue landlord to try and ask for details and he sent me an abusive reply saying he wanted to know my client's new home address and that he was going to 'break my nose'. He also said he'd found 'the most violent bailiff in the Southeast' and that they would be traced my client and seizing all his assets. He also said he used to work as a bailiff and knows every trick in the b
  6. Hi there, I'm new here and have been reading for some time... I need some advice, please: I'm an employed Carer and I look after a man who has paranoid schizophrenia. He lives alone in a privately-rented bungalow. This gentleman tells me that he has a large debt from one of his previous addresses and he worries that the bailiffs are coming "to get him". I've been reading various forums and want to know, if this disabled gentleman were to refuse the bailiff's entry into his home, is it impossible for them to take away any goods? The gentleman does not have a car, the g
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