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  1. Hiya, I had an issue few years ago through foxy bingo where i won a considerable amount of money. on trying to withdraw it,my account was blocked and was told there was a paytable error with game i was playing,I contacted them saying they should honour it if it was a manned error.but they refused to budge.I contacted gibralter gambling commision who also said it was an error and they void payments,Then I contacted a solicitor who said i would need a specialist gambling solicitor and it could cost me thousands and no guarentee of winning due to a previous case against littlewoods which the player lost the case. I got back in touch with 888 holdings,and threatened them with the media on it,but they said go ahead as the media have been told of the issue.basically told me to eff off and not contact them again. basically if u win big from cassava/888holdings u got no chance of them paying out and they are getting away with it because they have their hands in everything.backhanders flying all over from media to gambling commision.think the law needs to step up on this.. I have lost faith in winning big online now because of my experience with all this. And with lots more people coming forward to complain about cassava etc,Im just waiting for the fall of them..
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