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  1. Citizen B - thanks _ I hope you are correct. I have not made payment to the CCJ or non ccj'd part of the loan( the largest part by far). I am happy to pay the CCJ, I believe that a ccj has no time limitations on it, but am really worried that by doing so I would start the clock on the other part of the debt, which has had no correspondence from me or payment for in excess of 6 years
  2. I have never made a payment to the ccj - It was only from some unopened mail in a clear out that I came aware of it - I took a extended holiday overseas for a year about six years ago and only found out about the ccj relatively recently. I have been wondering about it for a while now - but it is now more than six years since I stopped paying the debt agreement, so I thought that I should investigate my position
  3. I have found out that a ccj was issued in Northampton 5 and a half years ago for a few hundred pounds for a couple of missed payments on a loan that I stopped paying. The ccj wasd not for the total debt amount ( thousands) . The debt ompany had made an agreement with me, which I kept to , then they sold it on and the new company wanted to renegotiate everything - this would of caused issues with my ability to service my other creditors who I made an agreement with ( I continued to pay over six years all my agreements that I made , to those that kept to the agreements) so I stopped making payments ( in hindsight perhaps I shouldn't have but I was really angered by them.) If I pay the ccj for a few hundred pounds now , will the remainder of debt be able to be called statue barred or have I to pay it all( or wait another six years), can the company repeatedly fast track their ccj's through Northampton with the aim of getting me to pay more than once and the court fees and solicitor fees repeatedly. Lots of issues here which my research has opened more questions that answers - I would like to know where I stand legally before contacting anybody thanks exploring debt
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