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  1. I have just forwarded this onto Rip off Braitan lets see if this will help some people!
  2. Key Executive for Cassava Entiprises (Gibraltar), Ltd Mr John Anderson Chief Executive Officer Could be worth writing to him! .
  3. Just been reading this as I have come across a problem with this company and its "terms and conditions" I closed my Wink Bingo Account, however in doing so I never realsied the profound effect and problems you come towards should you choose to play on another site. What happened to Freedom of Choice? Some people opt for the more well known bingo sites who have thousands upon thousands of players. However some people might decide they want to play on a less populated site. That is entirly their own choice. However Cassava Enterprise "terms and conditions" refrain you from doing this. Not to mention the fact that they deal with 90% of the bingo sites online. Therefore i am sure Competition rules should apply here. "Big Fish in a small pound" When you sign up to anyone of their sites they now require you to send I.D to verify who you are. Mainly to stop underage gambling. Once you sign up and deposite however much money (mine being just over £200) and you win, then only are you faced with providing this identification. What happens then is once they process you ID. and recent withdrawl transaction, (in my case £571) they will then hit you with you have joined another one of our sites when once you close down an accout you are not allowed and our in breach of the terms and close your account. in my case i joined their new site called Glitterbingo not realsing it was run by them only when i came to withdraw. However wouldn't it just make sense in theses circumstances to request the id at the very begining before any monies are deposited or paid (that way the customer is protected by their terms and conditons) and the company wouldnt recived any complaints once they have checked and verified all what was necessary. At least this way both parties are protected instead of shifting all the responsiblity onto the Bingo player, and them being out of pocket. They are quick enough to process you payment once you have signed up, why not just completely avoid it altogether and at least they are protecting you and have your interest at heart [Op sit]. I am aware also of the lenght of time they take to pay you your winnings when all is fine and dandy but thats a whole other issue all togther. I am making it my mission on priciple to get my winnings as i have a right to freedom of choice and its not not healthy competition and unfair to consumers. I havent come accross the bonus issure personally so i dont have a lot to say about that. I will let you know what happens.
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