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  1. Hi im looking for some advice regarding a CT overpayment bill, any help will be very appreciated. I lived with my ex partner and my daughter for 3 years totally aided by a joint JSA/income support claim. I then decided to start college in sept '10 in order to pursue a career, I notified the DWP in person prior to starting college. Unfortunateley me and my ex split and I moved out around 15 months ago, however I am still getting mail at her address claiming I owe them £1700 in a housing benefit overpayment?? This has since been passed onto Rossendales who are now threatening with court/bailiffs etc. I seem to think this is outrageous and although I have left this way too long and agree I should have appealed immediateley I would like to know if still have the option to do so and if anybody thinks I have a leg to stand on?? Thanks again.
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