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  1. I do not understand what you mean by saying I need to "cooperate". I have made the position crystal clear. I am trying to gain justice for immoral acts perpetrated upon a disabled person. I have irrefutable proof. The current position is, Lloyds/TSB will not respond to any communications. My M.P. tried to assist to no avail and the F.O. appears to be as corrupt as others have discovered. I believe the only course open to me now is to expose the story through television and press. I am open to any sensible advice but have not received any thus far. The only comments are personally
  2. Everyone talks about helping but no help is forthcoming. I advised of my decision. The media appears to be the only way to blow this out of the water. I have to do what I can. I am limited. I WILL do everything possible.
  3. Thank you for your input. It is almost inevitable I am going to give to media.
  4. The last mis-sold item was a loan of £7,500.99. I doubled £15,001 is NOTHING compared to the stress endured. My son's entire personality changed. They mis-sold items in excess of £12,500. They last loan they mis-sold was £7500.99. I doubled the main sum and added the £1 to show how I despised their addition of .99p to such a loan. County court has not yet been considered. I suppose I still can't accept their stupidity and stubbormness.
  5. Fresh problems from . Token compensation for harassing my son and breaking agreement to deal solely with me. I do not wish to bring my son into public focus unless absolutely necessary. They look as though they are going to force my hand. I cannot believe they are so stupid because they know the evidence is irrefutable.
  6. Member of Parliament unable to achieve anything. Financial Ombudsman appears not to be interested. I did write to CEO. I also sent hundreds of emails to CEO and other officials. No legitimate responses although I obtained read receipts by another means so there is additional evidence of their normal habit. I discovered through contacts from other victims of Lloyds/TSB they frequently just ignore all communications and many simply eventually just give up. They initially used the excuse they could not discuss the issue with me because I did not have a POA.
  7. Kindly don't bother "Clearing up" my posts. What more would you like to know? A disabled person was deliberately and systematically targeted by staff at Hanover Street branch. They mis-sold multiple "services" including house, contents, life, health insurances, despite the fact (because of his physical disabilities) he had a loading of 70% )SEVENTY). Then they gave him overdraft facilities although they had advised me years earlier on production of a legal document giving me control over all his financial transactions, there would be NO possibility of him going into overdra
  8. With FIVE THOUSAND AND EIGHTY-SIX OFFICAL complaints to ombudsman in just six months, how many actual complaints does Lloyds Bank PLC get? I have irrefutable evidence of deliberate and systematic abuse of a disabled person by staff at Hanover Street Edinburgh over a concentrated period. They admitted loads of mis-selling and refunded all premiums and gave compensation but, when it came to unauthorised overdrafts and three huge loans, they say this person with learning difficulties knew what he was signing. I have held three demonstrations outside the bank and am going to be forced
  9. Thanks for all the comments but, as we are not achieving anything, I only mention my intentions to demonstate outside Lloyds in Hanover Street, Edinburgh. I have spoken with the police regarding getting myslef arrested to draw attention to the case. Check out FaceBook page, "THE PEOPLE AGAINST LLOYDS".
  10. My claim against Lloyds bank (the most complained about business in UK) was sent with irrefutable evidence to the FO. Case was fast tracked because disabled person on whose behalf I was claiming was under great stress. Case still took nearly a year. Rejected by adjudicator. Appeal was rejected by ombudsman. Now suing Lloyds. Lawyers say straightforward easy case. Proof undeniable since Lloyds actually admitted being liable, giving full refund and compensation. However, when it came to larger sum, they deny liability! IDIOTS! In other words, the disabled person did not know what he was si
  11. I regret I have to add my voice to those claiming The Financial Ombudsman is faulty. Llyods TSB ADMITTED they mis-sold my disabled son insurances. They apologised profusely and gave full repayment of premiums and token compensation. They also mis-sold loans and overdraft but, somehow, they were not mis-sold and the Financial Ombudsman has let them get away with it! What could be more obvious? The Financial Ombudsman? A JOKE!
  12. Subsequent to the unrelated, earlier complaint in 2010 (son's account accidently overdrawn), the bank assured me he would not overdraw again. Current account; remained as such. I have been issued with statements. They started to go overdrawn when the second, untenable loan was mis-sold and my son was unable to exist on monthly remaining balance. The document is simply a declaration, signed by my son, which (I am advised by a lawyer) is as legal as a POA. I have been supplied with all relevant data. A SAR is not required. I fully appreciate the "rant" aspect of my posts m
  13. Thank you for your response. I have sought the advice of a lawyer and a member of Citizens Advice. They both say just to walk away from the account since the bank must be fully aware they are in the wrong and would never pursue. However, I do not wish my son to be placed in such a position. The letter from the FO upholds the decision of the adjudicator, mainly under the excuse that the bank should not discriminate when dealing with disabled people. Since I received the bank's assurances (following an earlier unrelated complaint) that they recognised my jurisdiction and he could never a
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