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  1. Hi all, i have an issue with my deposit on the property i am currently renting, ill start at the beginning. We rented the property on the 25th of may, we payed the deposit and first months rent to a letting agent, we were then informed that the LL would be managing the property. A few months passed and in the December we were notified that the house was being repossessed and would be auctioned. The house was sold and we got a new tenancy with a new LL. I am currently chasing the original LL for the deposit of £625, we received no proof of the deposit being payed into a scheme and we have been told by the original letting agent that they passed the deposit over to the original LL but again we have no proof of this. I am urgently seeking some advice as to what steps to take in claiming the deposit back from the original LL and where i would stand legally as he is proofing to be extremely uncooperative. any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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