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  1. Never to sky or natwest cos I keep trying to dispute them natwest said they r ok to charge
  2. Wescot, advantis, past due, hamptons xx
  3. hi i have sent all 5 of my creditors a request asking why i owe the alledged amount i dont dispute owing them some money but not to th eoutlandish claims they have! one i do totally disagree with is sky as i was told when i took it out " i had to have the HD pack it was the only one they did" when i rang sky a few weeks later then confirmed i had been misold and that i could cancel with no charge i nopw havr landed a bill 2 years later with no propr communication for £400! one thing i did want to check is that when i have sent the second letter requesting deatils of debt if i either dont get a
  4. if a DCA cant prove why or how i owe the debt can i add a note or request a credit ref agency removes this or the DCA removes it? if a DCA refuses to remove something paid what can i do? what can i do if they refuse to move something that hasnt been paid but is in dispute or they cant prove i owe?
  5. Wen I have rung any of the creditors. Ok ill list them shortly. Thanku so much. Just want to get my life straight x
  6. i have about 5 debts totaling 3k and i am trying to clear my credit file so i will be able to obtain a mortgage in the future, The problem i am having is that no matter how many times i request a copy of paperwork stating what the debt is for and a Breakdown of charges i am always told on the phone they will send this and it never arrives i send letters and get no response and if i email i get an auto reply saying we will reply in X days (some quoting upto 28) is their any way i can approach the credit referance agencys and ask they to remove these debts as they in effect
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