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  1. Thanks for the reply. Its kind of sorted. I've got two accounts with Nationwide. One has £4500 and the other has a overdraft of £500. Luckily the letter was was for the latter account to reduce to £250. Overall I have 5 months to cut down the limit before the account gets reviewed again. Need to start cutting costs. Sidepoint: I rang nationaldebtline. I waited for 15 mins. When the call was answered. They kept asking a lot of personal questions, real name, address and phone number. Before I gave the details, I asked why they needed them if they are confidential. They s
  2. Hi all, I really need some advice and help. In a weeks time, my Nationwide overdraft will be changed from £4500 to £250. I also have a overdraft of £2500 from Natwest. In total I owe £7000. I still have a week till the overdraft is official changed. What are my options? I would like to be able to agree something with Nationwide. I really dont want to screw up my credit score, in case I want to get a house in the future. Unfortunately I dont have a job but expect to get one within the next 6 weeks. What is the minimum payment and time schedule can I get them to agree to.
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