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  1. Thats great thank you so much I will email/write offering just that and make payment.
  2. Yes certainly feels that way they just make no sense and seem hell bent on causing misery when if they were reasonable you would pay them I mean thats my whole problem I've never refused to pay them their installments I did each month then bang from nowhere with no explanation they doubled it and have ignored everything I've asked them every since only to tell me I owe more, obviously I will await the FOS response and maybe I'm jumping the gun here but is there anyway I can bring this to a close and get this to stop? Ideally I wish they would take me to court so I can draw close on it, really is a nightmare very greatfull for your response have felt like I'm going insane over the last few months
  3. This is what I don't understand, they say they have engaged them to collect it, surely there not collecting the outstanding amount but merely continuing to charge interest, I mean if the interest was to continue what figure are they going to take me to court for its going up each week why havent they said Ive defaulted add on a few charges and peruse it like that? I was concerned by the FOS service as they said MH don't really exist I should complain against the original lender, but then I dont have a valid complaint against the original lender I didn't pay it all they did is pass it onto MH ( I say all this of course knowing full well they are all connected) its so frustrating
  4. Hi this information is very useful for the problem Im having, Iv'e filled in a form with the FSo as MH have not responded to my letter of complaint and generally just carry on threatening me, the thing what is bothering me with in particular is the below if you can shed any light 1 Can they continue to charge me interest on my payday loan, surely if there claiming I defaulted with speed credit and they are collecting it on there behalf why are they continuing to add interest ie Im allegedly to pay £96 every 14 days still. 2. Bailiffs? are they bailiffs if there not surely this isn't right?
  5. Hi glad I found this forum I've been going out of my mind with SpeedCredit/NDR and more recently Marshall Hoare. I took out 400 pound rolled it over as I was struggling (1st mistake) then contacted them to explain I was struggling, they added 200 straightaway but I kind of accepted that but after 4 payments totalling 296 I got an email demanding a further 650..I called them no explanation apart from someone will call me back I refuse to pay any more as my payments of 50 won't cover the 96 interest they want..ive called emailed filled online form but nothing apart from pay up..I currently owe 2300 just at a loss even taking away the manner of their communications I can't seem to make this stop at this rate I'll 20000 by next year..what can I do any help appreciated I've contacted FSO but to be honest they just kept asking who I want to complain about and Marshall Hoare may not be at fault? I've got the form to fill out but surely this can't be right?
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