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  1. It is possible but not impossible. Have you thought about running your own business. There is help out there for people who want to start their own business. Look at Enterprise Nation and the Government Start Up Loans. Maybe it's a good time to look at your own expertise, knowledge and skills and consider trying to monetize them. Maybe you have a hobby you can teach to others or was there something you always wanted to do before your health got bad. People are doing all sorts and their innovation never ceases to amaze. There are loads of free courses at Libraries, through Eventbri
  2. I have found the Halifax quite reasonable. I had something similar where I was given wrong information by one of their advisors. This resulted in Halifax taking too much money out of my account. I am on a tight budget and other things defaulted and I got charged for non payment of a different direct debit and charges on my bank account for failed direct debit. Halifax picked up all the charges as a show of good faith. I believe that some amount of discretion is given to the advisor you speak to but maybe with the amount you were messed around on
  3. I am not an expert in benefits and I'm sure someone will advise you better than me on that. I would however get some evidence from your friend explaining the £5000 he put into your account. If you had £6000 in the same account why did you give him your card. Does his passport show him coming into the UK or when he opened a bank account and monies being transferred or the balance of his £5000 being taken out and deposited into a new account. Anything that can support your version of events. I would also get a letter from your doctor explaining you have been being treated over a
  4. You could try writing to the Housing association and asking them to confirm in writing that the correct sound insulation was put in the building infrastructure. If the council and the Housing association are not willing to help you I would try writing a) to your local MP b) a local councillor c) a consumer programme like Dominic Littlewood, to see if they can get you some help. If the 'noise' above is just children and people walking heavily across the floor then it would seem this would not be deliberate or unreasonable by your upstairs neighbours just a question of the
  5. I recall seeing something similar to this on a previous thread. DVLA lost the case because they couldn't show they hadn't received it. I believe but there was another legal issue to it as well and it might be worth looking through previous DVLA threads but I seem to remember the court queried whether DVLA could actually bring an action at all on the issue. Does anyone else remember this?
  6. TV Licensing could save lots of money by unnecessarily chasing up people harassing and threatening them. I went to live abroad for a while and wrote to them explaining I would be renting out and would notify them when a tenant moved in. After three months they starting sending a barrage of mail to the house. Unfortunately the estate agent had gone out of business so I didn't know anything about it. The language in the letters was so threatening. I know it happened to someone else whose mother went into a home. The house was empty but despite informing them the letters just kept coming
  7. I cannot see the benefit to any business not to provide a receipt or an acknowledgement of receipt of payment. I think you are particularly vulnerable for cash payments made over the counter. I would write to the landlord and advise them of this problem because I think the agent sounds a bit dodgy frankly as their receipts policy a bit wanting. I would also be asking regularly to see print outs for your account to ensure they are correct.
  8. Have you tried going to one of the charities which helps with debt collectors. eg National debtline The Money Advice Trust (MAT) As soon as you provide them with the details of your income and what your expenditure is they can write to your creditors. Once they are involved the creditors must stop chasing you until resolved. Speak to your MP about the harassment just to mark it up. You are under no obligation to provide evidence to DCA's your debt is not with them it is with whoever you took the original loan, credit card or whatever out with. If the debt
  9. I would lodge a complaint with the company of unfair treatment. The situation led to constructive dismissal and you can ask for compensation ie to be given VR retrospectively. However being treated unfairly is not going to get you into a tribunal unless you were treated unfairly because of you age, gender, religion etc Where you ill and unable to work because of the situation. If you are claiming victimisation as a result of whistleblowing against your claim should have been in. The three months is fixed but there are cases that have been heard outside of the three months. Usua
  10. I am no expert on small claims and I'm sure someone will clarify for you but I understand that someone cannot keep taking actions out which you have to defend if they could reasonably have raised the matter in the previous hearing. ie If there is four arguments in relation to a matter you can't keep raising them consecutively if they could have been raised together. It's called res judicata. It places an unfair burden on someone having to defend the action, running up the costs and having several bites of the cherry. I think you could raise this argument in response to the current re
  11. I would report this to the police in any event. This individual is trying to exhort money from your friend. It is highly likely he has done it before and will do it again if not stopped. The fact he has a conviction for fraud should make the police take your allegation seriously. If your friend is to claim in the civil court that this is a fraud, it would be useful to have a police report number. Maybe the friend might not be so willing to corroborate a lie if it is relation to a criminal matter. The police quite often say they do not like to get drawn in on civil matters and b
  12. Sorry that reads wrong, it appears the landlord has appeared to resolve the problem but only time will tell if the repair undertaken was the source of the damp problem.
  13. Tenants are able to apply for Energy savings grants on property which would include boilers and insulation. Take a look at Money Savings Experts page on Insulation and grants. A tenant would be eligible where the landlord would not. Some tenants feel are so anti the landlord they would rather put up with the inconvenience than as they see it get the landlord a free boiler! It doesn't make sense to me. In my opinion your son should talk to the landlord and maybe if they can get the grant the landlord can concentrate on getting the other things put right. Your son will be the benef
  14. It would be worth checking companies house to see what assets they have declared on their accounts. If they try to switch their company assets to a new company knowing the company is insolvent it is fraud. ie Was the directors car, house etc registered in his own name or the company name? I would make a statement to the Police, Trading Standards and anyone else you can think of BBC Domonic Little, Ann Robinson consumer shows, local papers, etc but even if the current director does get struck off you usually find that the company starts up again with the wife or an
  15. I would contact your insurance companies on Monday to check if you can claim if you haven't already done so. I would also check with the Environmental officer at the council The reason I asked if you had been diagnosed with a disability was to look at what support there might be from Charities dealing with similar type of disabilities. I have a diagnosed disability. I am also not entitled to benefits but there are charities that have helped. Also there is advice from the Equalities commission as disabled individuals are often less able to go through processes and procedures in
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