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  1. Dear dx100UK some of your comments are wrong here, I am not being difficult but like you I have been around for many many years and know this area in expert form. When a debt id being prepared for court numerous charges can be applied and this in itself is a business !! imagine £250 being added to every account bought its a significant amount and it is happening today legaly, I am happy to let you have the OFT material if you wish? AKTIV KAPITAL, Intrum Justicia, Compello, Lowell Group, Mckenxie Hall are just a few buyers who are now and have been for many year
  2. I would have to agree they will ask you to sign what is called a disclaimer but let face you are behind and in breach of the contract and the customer isnt always right, if they have done everythinhg in the correct way then they can take the goods back. On the other hand if you are encouraging this claim that they cant take anything back to get the situation resolved to a mutual satisfaction you run the risk of getting many hundreds of pounds in additional legal costs added to the debt when the debt is sold on by the debt purchaser and you can see that Lowell Group are having
  3. Everyone, Please take a few minute ro read my response to these threads. I would absolutley NOT damage the Meter Box as this is their property at all times and they can get you convicted of criminal damage if you do so. If their staff's behaviour is what you say it is this is not right and entering a premises without the permission of the owner could in itself be a legal issue they have breached dependant on how old the person was who was in the property at the time. Write another letter asking them politley to cancel the optional insurances and send it reorded delivery an
  4. Hi, Does anyone know if it is legal to defer arrears on a loan account without notifying the customer this has / is about to happen? I thought any business operating this type of method would have to let the customer know there was going to be a change to the account? by that I mean putting the amount of arrears to the end of the agreement which by definition changes the end date? Its a bit like implementing a payment holiday without the customer being aware of it? A good friend has just had this happen with a company she deals with and im almost certain its illegal?
  5. Hi, Homebuy are in what they call run off where they are just collecting as much money as they can from the remaining customers. Julie Driver is in charge of this project on behalf of the banks who used to fund it. There will be very little come back from them if any at all as most of the staff have been let go. They wont be taking anybody to court for non payment that is a sure thing but that is the same for all of these types of businesses. Most of the agreements will be UN enforceable due to errors on completion etc but none of them actually take customers to court. Some of them sell some o
  6. I would write a complaint to their Chairman Mr Adrian Hill and copy the OFT, He needs to be aware of these examples in order that he realises what goes on under his watch.
  7. I have the same problem with them at present but sadly for a much larger amount. I have been in discussions with the employer and HMRC since March last year and they still are adamant I owe the money. Facts are both of them have made fundamental errors by not informing each other of my employment and not completing P46 etc. to answer you question I have now been advised by HMRC write a complaint letter and mention that you will escalate the mater to the matter to their ombudsman as an appeal. I am now awaiting a response. Perhaps this is what you should do.
  8. Bright-house have made giant strides because they have someone at the helm who has taken compliance seriously, BAYV used to be the leader and it saddens me to read you think they are years behind when in 2004 the business was sold for over £100 million to 3i it was the biggest deal ever to come out of Wales. The companies debt was admirable and complaints from customers were almost non existent. Profits were healthy and they always contributed to local charities so much so the former Chairman was awarded an OBE for his charity work. When Mr Clarke moved from Bright house
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