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  1. Hello DX, Thank you. The card is "closed", no charges or interest being applied since 2011. I have made an arrangement with them to pay the balance off on a monthly basis. Their interest varied from 21.9% to 25%. I think I now need to write down the different rates of interest for the different periods from the statements. Is it then better to do separate excel sheets for the period with different rates when the card was "live", then putting the totals in on a separate sheet from when the card has been "dormant" to get a ball-park figure? Just thinking out loud, on the
  2. Hello DX, Now I am really confused . . . . I haven't been given a calculation sheet by you . . . . I have attached the completed sheet
  3. Sorry, I thought you wanted to see the calculation sheet I was using. Can I send it to you privately please?
  4. Hello DX, Thank you - I have attached the spreadsheet that I am using.
  5. Unfortunately, I have now been dealing with Opus for over 6 months and seem to be getting nowhere fast. Opus offered me the PPI premiums and Interest going back six years. I provided Opus with statements going back to when the account was opened and they claim that they have "recalculated" the figures and increased their offer by approximately £300. According to the calculation sheets that I have used, I calculate that they owe me nearly double the amount of the figures that they have provided. I have written to them 3 times asking for a breakdown of their calculati
  6. Hello Dx, Yes, it appears so. Ombudsman or the court route? I have the few letters that I posted originally that show collection charges but don't know how many other charges were added on.
  7. Hello all, An update, I received the reply to my SAR, just the amended statement that I stated above. None of the documents that I had scanned originally, no default notices, no assignments of debt notice to the'collection'agency. I think welcome have only sent what they want to send. How can I now prove that the penalty charges were more than they are now actually stating? On the statements sent it is saying penalty charges of £45 odd, not the figures that are scanned in the original statements above.
  8. Hello B, Have you been suspended? If not, have a look at the disciplinary policies on your intranet, if you have been suspended, contact HR and ask them to email the policies to you. When I have dealt with investigations, you are allowed to take a rep or a work colleague in with you. Some 'managers' don't know half of their own policies and procedures!! As for short notice, you are legally allowed to ask for an adjournment so you can seek advice. You have to be given notice for the meeting, they can't just call it when they want. Have a look at the policies and this will set out the not
  9. Not sure if I inadvertently clicked on report a post there with this touchscreen : (
  10. You might be right to say look elsewhere. Most employees will sign their rights away for fear of being made redundant/jobless, those that don't sign are effectively classed as trouble makers and divide and rule will come into play. One way or another they will manage out those with preferential terms and conditions
  11. Maybe Stuggling can clarify if the changes outlined were agreed. I wonder if prior to the transfer the new employer did outline the changes. How many employees were transferred and are they all affected? The hours worked and being paid as 'expenses' shows they might be avoiding the working time directive!!
  12. Hello squaddie, I have dealt with companies where there is a marked disparity in hours and pay but the employees that have been 'taken over' have not signed any new contracts or variations so their pay should not be cut without their agreement. I would be asking the company why they have chosen to cut pay without any consultation
  13. I would advise lodging a group grievance/complaint so the employer sits up and takes notice that they are dealing with a group of people rather than one single person. I would also point out for their benefit what the contract states. Are they members of a union?
  14. If a lot of people were TUPE'd there is likely to be a 'collective agreement' on the terms and conditions. Has your partner asked questions of the employer? What was their response? Unfortunately, TUPE is as long as it is short. Some employers I have dealt with take over companies then set about changing TUPE due to 'business and economic' reasons within days. What does your partners contract say? Are you sure just a variation of pay date was signed and not other things as well?
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