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  1. Will it say status barred on my file, or is that simething i need toi get updated on my fule myself, because i am in scotland an have never acknowledged the debt, btw truly thanks how do you know all this
  2. Thanks man, for the advise, does that mean the debt is over an done with
  3. Do i need too request it too be removed thanks again
  4. Yes its the only thing wrong with my file full stop, my wife an i have just bought a new house, its only if i want too get a credit card, or maybe a contract phone... I would love to improve my score, but the default is my only concern, will there be anything i have too do?
  5. Hi maroodevo52, Thank you for creating a new thread, an for replying.... Do you know if it will automatically be removed on each agencies files or will i need too request that? And will my credit score increase on the removal of the default.. Thanks once again
  6. Hi all, Im new too all this so please bear with me, i had a default applied too my credit file on the 30/04/2007 if it takes 6 years to be void why is it still appearing on my credit file, this coming april will be 7 years how can i go about having it removed Many thanks michael
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