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  1. Payments are being made online and are appearing on the statement. They are refusing to accept my financial situation though and insisting on normal payments and continuing to charge interest and other charges since December 2012 when all this started. I have sent them multiple copies of income and expenditure along with the offer of £5.50 per month (which is the same as all other non-priority debts) but it is this offer they are refusing and insisting that I either pay them £81 per month or get a third party involved. Sorry, I didn't explain things very well in my first post, I hav
  2. I don't want or need a third party to get involved in order to make vanquis actually accept a token payment but they are refusing to acknowledge my payments of £5.50 per month which is all I can afford and have made the generous offer of £81 per month (which is one weeks money for me at the minute!). They are saying I have to get Citizen's Advice or a similar agency involved with a letter stating they are acting as a third party - well when I went to CAB 8 years ago with different issues I was told CAB would only do this if the person was vulnerable and incapable of dealing with financial
  3. yes, I have already asked them to in the previous two letters - which they have made no reference to so I assume they haven't done. I'm not interested in getting previous payments back - I have no idea where that has come from. All I want is for them to accept the payment I have offered and is all I can afford and for them to stop the repayment plan, charges and interest.
  4. yeah, it was their repayment option plan (which is why I said /repayment holiday), I've just been calling it that as it's less of a mouthful but I doubt I would be entitled to claim back on their repayment option now anyway, so the same should apply I would have thought in terms of they shouldnt have started charging me for it again without permission? I do have all statements and the account is fine other than their current attitude.
  5. I've already used it. I used it for the maximum time allowable between Nov 2010 and Nov 2012. It was every three months during this period that I had to send them proof that I was entitled to it. Now it has ended, it's back to 'normal' for them They have started charging me PPI AGAIN though - despite me now being unemployed and already having a medical condition, therefore the PPI can't be used again.
  6. I only sent them that because it was required as 'proof' to renew the PPI/payment holiday every three months, usually I just sent them the dwp letter but there was one occasion where the letter was out of date so I had to send the hospital letter. I won't be doing it again! I preferred to send them that than my bank statement tbh. I shall send a letter with what you suggest and wait and see. I had all this years ago with the other creditors but they were, on the whole, easier to deal with!
  7. I owe approx £3000 on a vanquis card. I was in a well paid job and comfortably paying back what I owed when I developed a long term, chronic illness and eventually lost my job, I now receive esa. I invoked the PPI on vanquis two years ago which has now ended - during that time they received numerous copies of letters from the dwp and my hospital confirming my situation. When they sent me the letter saying that PPI had run out I sent them my income/expenditure budget statement and details of the other debts I have and the amounts they have accepted (ie, 10k bank loan have accepted £6.50 pe
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