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  1. Thanks for the Advice, think I will need to phone the Land Registry and ask them direct, thanks for your time on this one.
  2. Hi hopefully this can be placed in the right section, as I could not find the best place for it! My Question is as follows I own a House, and have recently got married, and Iwant to add my wifes name to the deeds of my house,if i go to a solicitor to have this done will the land registry send a letter of confirmation to my property (I live in her house) and as I have people living in my house,I do not want them to know my business, or will all the paper work go directly to the solicitor?
  3. Sorry about the first bit of confusion there everyone, just needed to lay down a Thread so Barbra could start her story ok. Thanks everyone for the help on this one
  4. A Clame made to @protectyrbubble for a stolen phone has been rejected! Have a Police Crime Number, but they are not accepting the claim. Has anyone else had trouble with this Mobile Phone Insurance Company. As it is, it might have to be the small claims court, any other Idea..
  5. Yes,not sure who owns it as its not in BAA colours or any markings. On it, have seen a few complaints about the charge to get the car back.
  6. Can you now report it as stolen then! You still technically own the car. I say write to the council and get there department to find out what they will do about your loss now.
  7. Ok, so i could post about a Dampproofing co then, where would i post this to let all know abot there details and not to use them.
  8. Is there a Forum post on Say Cowboy Builders, or any dodgy companies eg Double glazing, Dampproofing, Car Garages etc, or would it be too much. Just trying to find out how to tell everyone about bad workers, companies, shops, etc, or is that not what this group is really about. You wont offend me in any replie
  9. Could you take the time to read and sign this E-Petition on safer Cycling.. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/41324 Thank you
  10. Have you tried to get an Independent Free Survey done by a local Specialised contractor from the P.C.A Property Care Association, they should be able to write up a report, with all the problems in the flat, sounds like all you might need is a Heat Exchange Fan installed, in the past, I do know that Landlords were made to repair any defects in a building, or the Council would send in there own work force to rectify the situation, could you explore this route maybe..
  11. Yes its all changed again! The Terminal forecourt is now closed to vehicles, unless authorised, and there is now the Express Set Down, for a fee of £2.00 for 10 mins or £3.00 for 15 mins, Ive noticed there are Camera Cars going around at peak times, and a Tow-away truck in the area to tow your car away! release fee over £150 ! What is not well signposted is the Freed drop off at the Midstay carpark, which is 5 mins away by bus, Cost for this is First hour Free, then next Hour a £1, if everyone was to use that parking they would lose a lot of the revenue from the Parking Fines, and the Parking Fees! I believe that Stansted is up for sale, just a suggestion, lets all chip in and buy it, then we can srap the Parking Fees!
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