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  1. Sorry just to add a PS and to possibly sum up! The court clerk that deals with bankruptcy needs to attend a customer service course. I felt the Usher was too friendly towards the Lowells appointed Solicitor leading me to believe that this person was in fact on my side and of some benefit to spend my time with prior to the hearing. Again when applying to the court fill your forms in first and literally drop them off. If you need any help completing the 6.4/6.5 ask me or other users of this site or if you have the means a professional law person. Do not entertain speaking to anyone
  2. Hello again, OK, to update progress I applied to the County Court to have the debt set aside. I had no real idea how to fully go about this but after reading one or two other posts decided to download and complete the forms 6.4 and 6.5. I did not go into detail quoting law or using any of the examples on this site. Instead I completed the witness statement in plain english stating my case and took this to the court. Unsure of who's name etc to put on the front page of 6.4 I thought the court might assist. This was not strictly the case and if anything the clerk was obnoxious/
  3. OK, Just checked, Received a letter from Barclay card in December 08 to say that they will instruct mercers to issue a default notice in accordance with their rights etc. Mercers Issued an Immediate action needed letter that threatened a local debt collector to call at my home. This never happened. I'm about to head to County Court with the thought of 'so what if I loose the set-aside and am found owing the full amount somehow' An extra £1000 of costs will just have to be added to the outstanding balance and cross my fingers the court can come up with a repayment plan. I
  4. Hi paulwlton, I received letters from lowells and others over the last few years so I must assume I did.
  5. Thanks again Northernpug and FFP for taking time to reply, I'll be posting my way through this experience irrespective of the outcome so hopefully someone else may benefit from it. At this moment in time I have not heard anything back from BWLegal who said they would contact me when they received information from Barclaycard. I don't understand their side of things but surely in this modern age they should already have a copy of my account history so will know whether or not my loan cheque was ever posted to my account? if they don't have this information then again can it re
  6. Thanks yet again FFP, I rang BWLegal before i read you reply. Spoke to an account manager who insisted that I had to give him my current telephone number, name of employer, DOB etc before he would look at my file. He told me that he had read my email of friday asking for information but until I actually made contact he would be unable to obtain the information I needed. He then went on to confirm what I had put into my email, said that he would get the information I needed then ring me one night after he'd reviewed my account before the information could then be emailed to me.
  7. Thanks again FFP for taking the time to reply, The assistant at Barclaycard told me that the balance due in May when I set up my min. payment DD was the same as the value that I arranged with Barclays to clear the card in July/August. Because I have no statement from that time I cant be sure as to whether I used the card anytime thereafter (the account at Lowells is twice that of the amount I should've cleared in a 2 year period and I'm not 100% sure this was purely costs as its seems ridiculous that I could've doubled the debt in this short time.) After emailing BWLegal service
  8. Hi again, Sorry to be a pain but some advice would be very welcomed right now. I was fully confident I could get some information from Barclays/Barclaycard but have turned up nothing. Barclays did get me a sheet showing that I did receive a payment for Barclaycard but say they cannot tell me that the cheque was ever cashed and if so where it went. Barclaycard told me that they could not give me any written information at all as the debt has been sold to Lowell. They assistant I spoke to did tell me my balance in May was the same as the amount that Barclays issued a chequ
  9. Yep again thank you folks, I haven't received anything from Barclays and its now been 8 days. I will request the debt be set aside now ASAP and hopefully buy enough time for Barclays to get things done (like I say hope!) Thanks again & best regards
  10. Hi again, I received another letter from Bwlegal today telling me to get in touch by the 29th of January or they will send a bankruptcy petition to court. Does this mean my 18 days now goes from then or is it still as per the stat demand I received last week? I had fingers and toes crossed that Barclays secured would've sent me the secured details by now so I could've looked into sorting things out. The extra time if my 18 days does go from the 29th of January or is it still from when I received my hand delivered stat demand? Again any help is greatly appreciated.
  11. Thanks everyone, Its amazing how much difference it makes knowing that I'm not relying on my own irrational mind right now. The debt has been bought by Lowells they were the first to get the account number wrong (it was previously being dealt with by Mercers and Credit Solutions). I was told last Tuesday that Barclays Secured would take up to 7 days to get the list of cheques and amounts to me. I'm hoping that this information arrives tomorrow (Monday 14th) and I'll have enough information to then ask Barclays to check up that the cheque that was issued to me for Barclaycard wa
  12. Hi members, I'll start by apologising for another post regarding a statutory demand. I have searched other posts but it seems that just about every case is different. I received my SD on the 8th of January 2013 (after the serving officer informed me in writing he'd be coming on the 7th!) and it relates to a Barclaycard account that has been now taken over by Bwlegal. The debt remains outstanding as I thought I'd cleared this when I took out a secured homeowners loan with Barclays in 2008. My loan was paid out in a series of cheques that I had to issue to my creditors. I b
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