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  1. Thanks. I will do ta. Hopefully its not fuzzbutt, since she lied by omission on how she won her case. Turns out I've got no luck with my student loan. After 1998 student loans aren't regulated by the . Consumer credit act. N prob excluded even with
  2. They just take the money straight out of my wages every month. So the 20/12/2012 would be the last payment. I haven't ever sent them anything myself, they just take the funds. The loans would have been from 2000\2001 - 2004. I have just gone through your letter regarding s77/78 of The Consumer Credit Act. Would I be right in thinking I just need to learn how this works and should have my answer? p.s. Thanks for all the help with this. I have just spent 7 hours today trying to sort out my Barclay's Partner Finance loan case. Now I have a written account of my problems...all I have to do is study: Misrepresentation Act, Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts 1999, Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Act 2008, and Supply of Goods and Services Act 2008 S14 and apply all that to my 10 page document since I, like most of you, can't afford the thousands a solicitor will need to try the case for me . To anyone reading this. ..NEVER go with Barclay's Partner Finance. Proof: go onto Facebook and read about the 1000+ people who signed up to Advent Training sca**ed (*mm) us - We want our money back. These are only a few from the 4500 people put in a similar position.
  3. Full story. Had a few student loans. Have requested a copy of my signed agreement. They have destroyed anything they had to say that I signed for these. Anything that can be done?
  4. I'm not saying that I didn't have a student loan with them. What i'm saying is they have destroyed the signed contract\loan agreement. Meaning they have no proof I signed up for a loan with them. Therefore no contract to prove I signed for anything. This means I no longer have any terms to this agreement
  5. I have just sent a Subject Access Request to SAAS (Student loans for Scotland) regarding my student loan. Their reply was to say that they have destroyed the signed agreement and have a record to show I was in full time education until x date. I was wondering if anyone knew what I would nicely say to them, using the correct legal terms and laws that apply : well if you have nothing to say that I signed up for the loan in the first place, you are going to have to write the loan off. Otherwise I will see you in court and see what the Judge says about failing to have the signed agreement for the contract you are still charging me for. On a side note: no clue if this would be possible. Could I also say, why have you been taking money out of my wages (showing copies of my wage slips) considering I had not signed up to have a loan with you in the first place. Please give me all this money back since you have no contractual grounds to have taken this
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