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  1. Oh no no, it had nothing to do with the hospice. I was visiting in the community/ the child's own home. I do work for a children's hospice- that's what I meant. The parking fee was issued by a private parking company.
  2. I am Children's Community Nurse for a Children's Hospice and was visiting a very sick child. There is no parking whatsoever without a permit. The family does not get visitor permits either. I received a ticket for parking in a residents parking space without clearly displaying a valid permit. The traffic warden was still around when I arrived back at my car - I was only parked there for 25 minutes and did not take anyone else's space. I explained that I visited a very sick child showed him my nurse id but he did not care. I wrote to this CPP company (Car P
  3. Hello everyone Sorry for this delayed response, but I did not get any further e-mail notifications that I received more replies to my thread. Linzi- I assume you had seen my long letter of complaint stating all my rights regarding this warranty claim and referring to the sale of goods act. I was at all times fully aware of wear and tear parts not being covered under the warranty- however a gear box is certainly not one of those. And to inform me that the internal fault of a gearbox can be wear and tear items, was like someone righty stated here, an insult. Gearbox faults are warra
  4. Thank you so much. I am looking forward to hearing from you.
  5. Dear all I have bought a car at Carcraft and it came with 12 months free warranty. VW 5 years old, 35000 mileage so very low. I drove 10000 miles since I bought it. 7 months down the line- there are faults within the gearbox. RAC got the car back to Carcraft and they diagnosed and confirmed gearbox faults. The gearbox got removed from the car and sent back for warranty inspection. They asked an independent inspector to look at it who advised that the faults were due to wear and tear rather than mechanical faults. Carcraft garage though insists that all gearbox
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