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  1. Hi sailor sam yes explained to them and they said that they had seen official documentation that he has been made bankrupt in June and case closed, and relevant documents would be sent out to me Nick
  2. Hi All just an update, Finally sheriffs catch up with this dealer , and i cant believe what they told me 4:40pm today. He was declared bankrupt in London county court 04/06/2013, unbelievable, then the Sheriffs sent me an invoice for £60 + vat with case aborted. he is still trading and selling cars from that address under same name where the hell do i go from here Nick
  3. Hi finally got my judgement from court, do i have to wait , can i go to sheriffs now the claimant can recover against defendant the sum of £1023.10 for debt and interest to date of judgement and £60 costs amounting to the sum of £1083.10 The defendant having paid £00.00 itis ordered that the Defendant pay to the claimant the sum of £1083.10 Forthwith Dated 15/05/2013 any help greatly appreciated PS what happens to the car on my drive ?? Nick
  4. Have done and sent
  5. What the hell. got this today ??? Good Afternoon Thank you for your email You are unable to request judgment online as the online link to this claim is no longer available. Judgment can be requested manually by completing and returning the attached N225 form. Please contact us if you need further assistance why cant this be done online ?? Nick
  6. Thanks dw190 how do i find the number. Just found email ADDY and emailed with claim no asking to confirm and how to enter judgement Nick
  7. Hi All still no update on MCOL website, is there anything i should be doing 04/04/13 letter was dated saying defence struck out. ??? Nick
  8. it says :- The defence is struck out. The claimant is at liberty to enter judgement sailor sam is this what you mean Nick
  9. thats good ty i will once its on MCOL do that, i will also post outcome on here too All the Best
  10. dw190 it is for £1000 plus costs and interest Nick
  11. No Dosent let you i assume its waiting to be updated, it was Monday this week it came in post. Nick
  12. Request Judgment Judgments entered against this claim None Request Warrant Warrants entered against this claim None thats all MCOL has said since 14/02 and showing at Defence stage Claim History You submitted a claim on 25/01/2013 at 19:03:54 Your claim was issued on 28/01/2013 Mr *** **** issued a defence on 14/02/2013 Nick
  13. its not on MCOL dw190
  14. Just shows on MCOL at defence stage ?? just checked Nick
  15. Umm yes sorry it does but i cant see it online on MCOL Nick
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