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  1. The van is there on a regular basis, He was well aware of the fact he was on double yellows but oblivious to the fact that he was at the bottom of what was a slight but icy hill and that he had significantly narrowed the space available to negotiate the left turn at its most critical point. as I mentioned previously he refused to give me his name so may have been aware of potential liability. yes I have photos of the corner, it's approach, the position of the van and the very clearly visible double yellow lines
  2. Technical motor claims manager or loss adjuster? it was a monumentally irresponsible not to mention illegal place to park. I'd been driving my car all day through the snow and am well aware of its handling abilities.
  3. Friday the 18th Icy conditions, I am driving at a snails pace along a road which is a very slight descent into a 90 degree bend, a round the bend to the left are legal parking bays, at the point of turn and for several yards down on the opposite side are double yellow lines. A professional driver for a nameless security firm has parked on the double yellow lines on what I would say is the apex of the bend and abandoned his vehicle (parked not waiting). here's the thing owing to the Icy conditions, his choice of illegal parking space meant that as I crawled round the corner very carefully I might add, the line I had to take due to his position caused my car to lose traction, the momentum from the 5 or so mph and the sloping road sent my car skating into his van. I have already been told about how hitting a stationary vehicle is always your fault but I really feel that as a professional driver, He should be more than aware of the dangers of parking on a corner at the bottom of an icy slope. surely professional competence comes into this, surely the company he represents should be ensuring that their drivers are aware of where are appropriate places to park, and if nothing else, double yellow lines are there for a reason and in this case had he followed the Highway Code. at the worst I would have hit the kerb. the front end of my car is dented and the bumper is cracked I feel that I had driven carefully and conscientiously. I feel I can't be responsible here, this isn't a 'no fault' 'knock for knock' situation. The blame (in my opinion) should be allocated to the driver or the company for whom he works. Its surely coming down to the incompetence and negligence of the driver. who's with me on this?
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