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  1. HI OddJobBob, dont worry, wasnt thinking you were being difficult. Have appreciated your input greatly, as I have other people too. I needed some input to my issue here to enable me to see things from a different angle, so honestly, you were fine. If everyone agreed with me then Im not going to get anywhere further than where I am now. My argument with the garage is one of those areas which can be seen either way, apart from the shoddy after care, yes I knew the alloys were non standard but I did not know they were wider than the recommended size given for this car. I believe, and always
  2. Hi. Thanks for the feedback (to all). Hopefully I can clarify a few things. Firstly, OddJobBob, you make some good valid points but also some incorrect assumptions. The swish looking alloys were not a selling point. Low profiles are standard on this car, as they are on most sports cars. I bought this car on the basis that its the last of the model and therefore had a few manufacturer options as standard (i.e. HD lights, leather interior and sunroof), looked in amazing condition, had very low mileage and a full Toyota service history. I was pleased it had different alloys for the sol
  3. The insurance aspect has been a massive issue in all this. Consequently I have taken the car of the road. I will give them a call this morning to chat about this issue. Even if legally the tyres are permissible 205s are not recommended through the continental tyres guidelines for 8j wheels. The car drives fine up to about 50mph but after that if the road is uneven it handles like a boat and when braking becomes quite concerning. Quite simply there isn't enough grip on the roads to support that width of wheel.
  4. Dear all. Great to have found this forum. Im really hoping I can find some sort of direction. My problem has been on going for about 4 months now, almost from day one of purchasing the car. Its a Toyota Celica 2006 model. To cut a very long story short here ..... the car was purchased, knowingly by me, with non standard alloys. However, from day one I noticed issues with handling. This was reported several times to the garage. After the first recall I was told that there was nothing wrong but also that a 4 wheel alignment check had been done. This turned out to
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