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  1. Hi does anyone know who the Managing Director of Scan Computers is so that I can complain directly to him/her? Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks dx, I had never heard of chargeback. I paid by credit card but finally have managed to speak to a manager and they have agreed to give me the £20 in credit to my phone. Regards chez.
  3. Thanks Scott. Regards chez.
  4. Hi hoping someone can help. I bought a pay & go mobile phone on o2 shop online and part of the deal was a £20 Argos voucher. It took a month and several phone calls to actually get the voucher and then when I tried to spend it I was told by Argos that it was part of a batch which had been re-called by o2 and I'd need a new voucher with a different code. I spoke to customer relations and they said just to use the chat on o2 priority and they could sort it no problem. Long story short this was beginning of December and despite several phone calls and a 3hour online chat on o2 priority I am still no nearer, they just keep sending the email with the same voucher code. Last time I spoke to them, last night they said they had sent a new code but I haven't received it so obviously a lie again. I have had the same one 7 times now. Spoken to customer services again today and they say all they can do is fill in a form to give to the back office, to re-issue which they already did last time, same code again. I pointed this out and they agreed but said that's all they can do. Totally fed up with the issue now, it's the principle of it. Am I right in thinking that as the gift voucher was part of the deal I am within my rights to tell them I want to return the phone for a full refund as it was in my opinion mis- sold, so I can buy it somewhere else. I intend to speak to customer relations again on Monday but want to know my rights before calling them if possible. Hope someone can give me any pointers.
  5. Yes I filled a form in with them over the phone because I thought he wouldn't get it either but because he's classed as a joint tenant he's not classed as a non dependant. All a bit confusing.
  6. No he lives with me but because the landlord put the tenancy in joint names he get's the disability premium. I don't work, have been ill since Jan last year but only claiming ESA since August so I will still get contribution based ESA until August 2013. I've got an appeal in for the ESA so I'd rather see that through than claim income support as if I win the appeal I will get the extra £20 odd pounds per week I should have been getting backdated. I just want to clarify that when I move onto income based ESA if I'm still not well by then will I just be able to say I don't want to claim carers allowance anymore so my son doesn't lose his money. Not very good at wording things so I hope that clarifies it a bit.
  7. My son has recently been awarded DLA MRC and LRM and has got the severe disability premium. I'm currently on ESA contribution based, appealing 0 points so on the assessment phase amount and considering claiming carers allowance for my son. As I understand it I wouldn't get the carers allowance just the carers premium so it wouldn't affect his severe disability premium but what happens when I move from contribution based onto income based ESA, would I just be able to stop claiming carers allowance so that it doesn't affect his disability premium? I'm hoping I might be able to get back to work by then but in case that doesn't happen I don't want it to reduce his money. Any advice would be appreciated.
  8. Sorry I can't help with the DLA appeal as I've just been turned down so am in same position but I just wondered if your doctor has ever tested your Vit D levels. The reason I ask is my doctor originally thought I had fibromyalgia as well as CFS as I had severe pain in all my joints, at one point I used to have to drag myself upstairs with the banister. After reading something online I asked for my Vit D levels to be checked and it turned out they were extremely low. I was put on 20,000iu weekly and it took several months but the pain has almost gone completely now.
  9. Thanks Margaret, I've already had the ESA85 copy and put the ESA appeal in but it looks like I'm going to have to do a DLA appeal as well.
  10. I must not be with it at the moment I've just read the letter again and it says the decision was made using info from my claim form and the health care professional who examined me for ESA. Does anyone know if that makes a difference when I put in an appeal?
  11. Thanks for all the replies, I will test a recording on my phone and if that doesn't work I'll look online for a pen or usb stick which records.
  12. Thanks for all the info Margaret I will take a look at the link as well. I was looking ahead but also my son has just received a medical questionnaire to fill in so I'm expecting him to have another medical soon as well. To be fair he hasn't had any problems with his and never been refused but after reading the Atos report of my medical when I requested all the info to appeal I would like to record his just in case. There isn't any mention on the DLA refusal I got about the disputed work capability but to be honest there's virtually no explanation at all as to why I was refused so I will ask if there's any more paperwork I should have when I phone to request an appeal form. Regards Cheryl
  13. Hi I'm new to this and not sure how to start a new thread. Basically I'm having to appeal for ESA and I've just been refused DLA as well. I've seen a few people mention they've secretly recorded interviews and Atos medicals so they have a record of what was said for their own use and I just wondered what equipment I could use to do the same. Would appreciate any advice from anyone who's done this. Thanks in advance.
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