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  1. 7 steps a day would be 49 a week?
  2. should have read the mountain of paper work says on mine check universal jobseach site x 7 check indeed website x 7 check my universal jobsearch account x 7 nothing else so pretty easy, i'm waiting for meeting with disability advisor at end of jan as i am unsure of what work i am able to now as GP has advised heavy lifting is out
  3. Hi after 33 years of employment i now find myself out of work when the place i worked for got rid of 35 of us, In my trade (printing) there is about 0% chance of getting another job at my age (51). This is made worse by the fact i also suffered a heart attack last august Anyway went to job centre and signed on and i have to do 21 activities a week while my mate who worked with me only has to do 8, anyone know why the difference? As to job seekers diary am i right on thinking that if i look at 1 job site that counts as 1 activity so if i look at 2 different sites a day that will be 14 activities a week
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