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  1. I have made several attempts to get my job back I have written to my former employer but he won't budge. I don't have a contract or any written terms & conditions I have worked there 12months there are no written procedures I was sackd over the phone no notice of dismissal I have not received any holiday pay nor notice pay I have tried my best to get my boss to reconsider but he refuses. What should I do? Please PM me if necessary i think I need to see a solicitor in manchester It is affecting me now as well as the fact my fiancée has CANCER I don't know what to do iam the
  2. I have never been given a written contract I have never been asked to sign any contract. I manage my medical condition with medication it inflamed by stress I have been forced to take days off owing to this. My diagnosis was several years ago my employer is aware but it is not something Iam comfortable disgusting especially in the building trade I have not asked for a copy of my contract no if I do this in writing now is there a legal duty to provide me with it or can they refuse because iv been sacked? I get wageslips weekly yes I pay tax & NI deductions these are shown on
  3. I have worked for the firm just over a year but I have never been unemployed since leaving school iam am 32. I have never been provided with a written contract I left my previous job to go there. The friday before I started I went to the main yard (main company site)handed the owner/boss my tickets CPCS Card he gave me van keys said start Monday
  4. Do I have a case for unfair dismissal? Please help Sacked because I have taken time off recently because my partner has been diagnosed with Cancer. I have needed to support her emotionally not only attending appointments I have Crohn's disease that is affected by stress I also have had days off due to this. I have been sacked without warning over the phone do I have a case?
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