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  1. thanks guys. i shall just sit on it and hope for the best. if they do start threatening court action should i try and make an arrangement with them before it actully gets to court? also someone mentioned creditor applying for bankruptcy? how does that work? is that a big problem for me?
  2. according to my credit report i have £674 total debt outstanding. thats just several little debts. the letter ive got today is regarding a hsbc loan taken out on 16th jan 2007 that IS outstanding. i literally made 4 payments on it and thats it. in june 2006 i had taken out a loan with hsbc for some reason or other and used the jan 2007 loan to pay that off. its the loan thats not been paid (over 10 grand) that isnt showing at all on my credit report. the one i took out in 2006 and then paid off in jan is showing as settled which it is settled cos it wa
  3. experian. it says i have a total outstanding debt of £674, obviously thats wrong because i know this debt is def outstanding
  4. Defaulted account are removed from credit files after 6 years paid or not so a check of your files will give an indication of the status of this debt. ^ this is what is confusing me. i used this loan to pay off another loan. the loan that i paid off is showing on my credit file as setteld on 16th jan 2007. that is also the date that the loan in question was taken out. so im a bit confused as to why the settled one is showing but the defaulted one is nowhere to be seen? any ideas on that? also, as im approaching the 6 year time frame, how likely is it that they will take this to court
  5. hi, ive come home today to a letter from scotcall, for a debt of £10276!!! eeek was hoping that one wouldnt find me! ive checked my credit file. this loan was taken in jan 2007 as a consolidation loan. it paid off a credit card, paid for a new car and also paid off another hsbc loan. now the loan that scotcall are wanting me to pay doesnt seem to appear anywhere on my credit file. the one i paid off with this loan does, hence why i know when the loan was taken out. . so this loan started jan 2007, i paid it for 6 months until i had big probs and
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