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  1. Thankyou for your reply, i dont think i have PPI ??
  2. Hiya just a update:- (sorry if i dont make sense) i have received my SAR paperwork from kandco/very i went through all the paperwork trying to understand everything, kandco and very also sent me adjustment details which had all the charges written down, kandco 11 admin charges of £12:00, one of £15.00 but went through statements and theres actually 14 admin charges of £12:00 and one of £15:00. Very had 11 admin charges of £12:00 but on statements theres actually 14 admin charges of £12:00. I recieved CCA for very but no CCA for kandco What do i do now? Any help much appriciated thankyou
  3. Yes i sent a official request with the £10. Ok thankyou gor your response.
  4. Just a update, halifax have sent me a letter stating they have received my letter and will send me the information i need, i have not had a reply from kandco or very. And gratten called me today leaving me a voicemail to give them a call back! Do i write them a letter/email asking them to write to me or do i give them a call back???? X
  5. thankyou for all your help, i will wait for the SAR to come, and i will post in the thread mentioned. thankyou
  6. Ok does that mean i can reclaim the charges at my own risk? Sorry to sound stupid, i will have a read. Thankyou
  7. i have a halifax credit card i have paid alot of late payment charges on this account 12 pounds everytime (late payment fees, etc i do not have ppi). i also have a few catalogue accounts aswell (kandco, very, gratten) which late fees have been added too. i would like to know if i could claim any charges back on any accounts. i have sent SAR to all companies so far...... i wasnt sure what to expect and what to do next, am i right in thinking i can claim these back?, i am trying to claim the charges back as it would help me pay the credit card off as i still owe on it and it is becoming difficult making monthly payments and the balance is still hardly reducing... i understand that many companies do not give out as the 12 pounds is legal (i think) , but i read the following statement : - Charges after June 2006. For any charges on or after June 2006, if you were probably hit for £12 each time. As this is already set to the OFT-recommended amount, you simply need to ask for the full £12 amount to be refunded i would greatly appriciate if anyone would be able to give me advice on what to do and expect next, thankyou....
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