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  1. Just to update re posts on her injury:Constant headaches, back-pain, neck pain, back stiffness, neck stiffness, pins and needles in limbs and anxiety problems with re-entering a car since.If you look on the NHS website, these are ALL the symptons listed as "Chronic Whiplash" A friend of mine was in a severe accident whereby he broke both his legs and was cut from the car by firemen. That was at 80 mph on a motorway, she wasn't moving and was re-ended at no more than 5 to 10mph by Car 3.It's tragic that our insurer (whom we've left it to re advise) may just settle for ease, people like this ruine the system and deserve shaming.
  2. Thank you, we will contact the insurer tomorrow (I work in the City and she's 2 hour commute away upset right now, so I sent her to her mums!) We have never had any legal problems ever, but your right, I'm putting pride into the equasion which won't help anything. Her dad was a traffic officer locally for 30 years and had said they'd not have the nerve to come for Alex, but I think he doesn't appreciate how much the culture has changed in the past 10-15 years, and how anyone and everyone claims for whiplash etc.I'm unsure of the amount as she was upset on the phone today, I will go home and add this post tomorrow. But I'm starting to think logically from your post already and we are covered for liability, no matter how fraudulent it is. I may suggest to my partner though to inform her insurer that she suspects its fraudulent ...would they prompt her insurance to investigate a little, or am I being far to naive in thinking this is how things work?Thanks, I'm almost breathing normally again!
  3. Hi all ,My partner has just been 'served' a letter from a no-win-no-fee over an accident that is 'said' to be our fault. Accident & history:November 2012:My partner was driving doing about 15mph and took a wrong turn into an exit of a service station in our small town. A car was approaching (!) and I called out, we broke as did they, no contact. Then a few seconds later, smash - the car behind said car infront rear-ended them. We pulled over concerned, and waited for the police, swapped details etc - but felt - as the rear-ender did the contact, they would be at fault. My partner has a 100% clean record, never had an accident and has driven since 17, she is now 31.I explained to the police that we had been distracted as to what turning and took the wrong one. We had a tragic year last year with our first daughter being born serverly sick, and dying after 7 operations at the (wonderful) Royal Brompton in London. My partner was on medication and had become quite agriphobic, but was slowly recovering from the grief. The wife of the driver of the car rear-ended is the one that has served us. She claims that she has now been off work 2 and a half months and wants us to pay. The letter from the solicitor states that she has not seen a doctor, seen a physio, seen any medical profesional, but claims she 'requires future phisio' for this supposive accident. I don't see how you can take 2.5 months off without a doctors note? What sort of company allows that? Mine would sack me for gross misconduct that's for sure. Cynical as I am, we all feel that she is milking the accident for all its worth, already we've been told she's going via her insurance firm at the rear-ender, and now us for damages. My partner is broken, in tears, and very scared of the outcome. I'm outraged and feel we should counter-sue for fraud. This woman is a local to our small town. I feel we can ask family and friends to keep an eye out for her, take photos if they see her out clubbing etc, anything that de-credits her claim. Is this a dangerous road fuelled by anger to go down? I'm at a loss as to what to do. Alex, my partner is contacting her insurer, but I feel if this goes to court, we've no idea how to do it - and don't want a solicitor that will advise us to settle ...its not fair or right. My partner is also pregnant again (very early stages) ...but I fear the stress of this will hurt our baby. I'm worried sick. Any advise really appreciated and most welcome Thanks for your time
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