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  1. Hello, On 5th Dec 2012 I've received two letters: one from Cabot Financial and another from Ruthbridge Understanding Resolution about outstanding balance £2625.00 for course Sage Line 50 that I've never maid with company Career Development Finance Limited. That company informed Cabot Financial that I opened the account on 13 Jul 2006 and did not default until 20 Feb 2007 and last payment of £75.00 was paid to the account on 21 Aug 2006. The problem is that the course advisor met me in 2006, left booklet, plastic paper clip and I've signed some documents, but few days later, before I started any course I'd found that the standing order had been made without my permission, so I'd contact the Barclays Bank and Career Development Finance Ltd., known to me as Skills Train regarding that. I informed CDF Ltd. that I didn't want to do any course with them. Now after so many years they want something from me for nothing. That's not all. I've contact Ruthbridge Understanding Resolution and explained everything, so they closed the case - that's what they told me. Today I've received another letter from Cabot that Ruthbridge has returned my account to them that I do not recall it. I've contact Cabot and they told me that case is still open, I've contact Ruthbridge and they said that for them the case is closed, and they do not have any information about it. Please help, Kasia
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