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  1. Well, if someone’s post was inadvertently sent to my address and I knew them, I would contact them first. I certainly would not open it. The bank are at fault for sending it to the old address and have admitted it. I am not after any compensation from anybody. An apology would be nice but nobody does that any more for fear of litigation.
  2. Thanks everyone for your replies. The person who opened my post knows me and knew how to contact me if anything arrived in the post. I believe what they did was to my detriment because now I am unable to use my card until another arrives at my new address. Also, the bank are at fault because I informed them of the new address and they failed me and have admitted such.
  3. The Act you are disputing is The Postal Services Act 2000.
  4. Why are you disputing this act. Especially as the person knew how to get hold of me and let me know.
  5. I have just found out that is illegal under The Postal Services Act 2000. It states that it is illegal to open someone’s post or delay it reaching it’s owner.
  6. My new debit card was cancelled by my bank because it had been sent to the wrong address and somebody opened my post and contacted the bank and said I did not live there. I had told the bank my new address but their systems went wrong and sent it to the old address. They are sending me a new one but in the meantime I can’t use my old debit card as they have cancelled that too. Does anyone know if it’s legal to open someone’s post and contact the sender?
  7. DWP has asked me apply for PIP from DLA. I am a 69 year old pensioner. Does it apply to me?
  8. Sorry, for not replying sooner. When we wrote to the CEO of the company, a few weeks ago, after they had the 1993 possession reinstated. They wrote back to say they any further action would be put on hold while they looked into our accounts. Unfortunately, this they did not do and a warrant was issued. We immediately rang lender who said it was a mistake and would get it withdrawn and cancelled. We asked for it to be confirmed in writing and also rang their solicitors and asked for confirmation which they provided. And just to make sure, we rang the court who confirmed it had been w
  9. Also, get the press involved if you can. The Express have got a campaign going at the moment.
  10. I've got another thread going in the repossessions section but I will repeat that I have now made a complaint to the CEO of our lender who has passed it to his manager to look into the accounts and we were assured they would not take anymore legal action. But they lied or were incompetent because we got an eviction notice which we managed to get retracted & cancelled and an apology. It might be an idea to complain to the CEO & FOS. We marked it private & confidential to make sure he saw it.
  11. We put a complaint into the CEO of the company who has asked his manager to investigate accounts and report back to him. In the meantime they issued an eviction notice despite the manager assuring us in writing that no further legal would be taken. They have now cancelled that notice after we asked them & their solicitor to retract it. One hand does not know what the other is doing it would appear. Yes, we need a solicitor very badly.
  12. National Home Loans. They put a breakdown into court but the figures are incorrect and they have been very creative with their accounting. We never missed the arranged payments. I think they were just happy to let it mount up before they took any action. They wanted us to sell or give them the keys and the CAB suggested the MRS would be a good route to go down as we fitted the criteria.
  13. Thank you very much for your reply. The local authority have said they would only provide emergency accommodation and that we would have to find somewhere ourselves. We would be entitled to housing benefit. There is a housing crisis in our area and initially they said that it would be cheaper for the council to go with the MRS but now they will not. We are disputing the loan (as we've been told it's a loan by several people not a mortgage) accounts and we have been trying to get a solicitor on legal aid which is proving very difficult as they are all over loaded. I think we were d
  14. We took out a mortgage for 84,000 in 1990 and today the lender says on their latest statement - Arrears: £601,551.00 Contractual Payment: £10,848.45 Balance: £358,706.27. For many years we've been ill and disabled and have had to rely on income support payment plus an additional amount as agreed with the lender many years ago to be paid and to date, we believe we have paid approx. £130,000. The interest rate applied at the beginning of the loan was 15.95%. But the company said it was stabilised at 10.49%. The monthly payment was £676 then changed to £68
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