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  1. Hi guys, Recently found my contract and had a read through it. I have straight away spotted a problem. In the contract on the 1st page it states that if it is a temp move of working hours then i must be given at least 48 hours notice before the new working patterm. I was given less than 24 hours notice. If i put in a grievance for the breach of contract this will most likely effect my request for flexible working hours. Just seems like the company is doing what they want and when questioned, say its in your contract. Advice would be much appreciated Thanks
  2. Hey guys Thank you so much for the advice, I really appreciate it. The verbal answer was a no from HR. I am in the process of requesting flexible working hours. I dont think the answer will change bur at least im doing it by the book. The only issue i have is i may struggle to find someone to replace me in the department I work in. Im sure there are loads of people wanting to work the earlier shift but how do i put it accross to my employer to ask staff rather than me ask employees? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi all, hope someone can help me out:?: I have been working for my employer for over 2 years working a 12 noon - 8pm shift. I am the carer of my parents who are old and unwell (Father has had 2 heart attacks in the last 6 months and my mother has parkinson's disease) I have been forced to work 9am - 5pm as part of the business needs with only one day notice from monday gone. I have told my manager there is nobody else to look after my parents in the mornings as I am the only child still living at home. My sister in law who is currently working part time (after recovering from cancer and being off work for over a year) is able to come over and look after them in the afternoon and evenings. I have spoken to my manager and his manager and both have been very unhelpful. A colleague of mine who is the carer of her disabled mother had the same problem but after discussing with my manager she has stayed on the 12-8 shift. I have spoken to HR about the matter and seems like they are siding with the business and not understanding the family situation at home. They are still looking into the matter and will hopefully let me know the decision tomorrow. In my contract it states I am contracted to work any 8 hour shift between 8am & 8pm. I really need to get my old shift back as I am worried sick something may happen to my parents while they are home alone. A family friend has kindly offered to pop over for an hour in the morning this week to make sure my parents are ok but she has her own children to look after and I don't feel right asking for the help as they my parents and not someone else's responsibility. I am just really worried leaving them on their own as they rely on me so much What has annoyed me the most is the fact my colleague spoke to our manager to look after her disabled mother in the mornings and without any problems was able to carry on with that shift. Can someone please help me in the right direction? Thanks in advance
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