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  1. hi there, thanks for your reply, I had to go to work so this is the first chance I've had to come back. I will take a look into those links, thank you for your help.
  2. Hi there, i'm not sure if this is a little off topic or not, I was wondering if anyone knew of any UK based courses on the laws around money, a degree, A level, what ever is needed. To perhaps shed a little light on my situation, I've been studying psychology for about six years now (23YO) I only learnt so that I could gain the skills to interact with and influence others around me, which seems to be working. I am about to start a PHD in hypnotherapy to help refine the skills I've gained, to go along with it. However i'm absolutely terrible with money, although my debts aren't
  3. no, just as he appeared he vanished, he also went on about how if he took products from the place I work, once he got into court he would explain to the judge that the products don't actually cost anything and the judge would agree with him. He said that it isn't about being dishonest, just about using the law correctly, which he makes money from. I thought i'd have a wild stab here, just to check if anyone knew about it.
  4. Hi there, i've been going through some debt problems recently, when I was younger I had an array of credit cards and payday loans. Now some years later it is still taking its tole. I met a man by chance who spoke to me about Fiat currency, and how because currency is like an IOU and doesn't actually have any value I dont owe my creditors anything. He went on to say that I have to have made a signature to opt in, otherwise they are giving me money, he said there are three documents I should request, if they cannot provide any of the three I can write off my debts, does anyone know what the
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