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  1. Thanks for that. The after sales manager at the local VW dealer repeatedly says things like: “yes we know you have got a problem, we have notified the factory and we are waiting for a fix from them”. From what I have been told, it’s a very common fault. > As asked before is it unsafe? I don’t know. It does not feel right to me or the wife, but I am no mechanic. I have never had a vehicle do this before. If it was an old car needing an MOT, wouldn't they say something like “excessive play in the steering” ?? I'm sure I had an old metro fail on that one once.
  2. Thanks. The van is still covered under VW warranty. But they were saying “the supplying dealer must have the opportunity to fix the issue” etc. I sent off a “vehicle safety report” earlier this week to VOSA. So I will give them a call in the next few days to follow it up. I invited them to inspect our van in that report. The AA will do an independent inspection for about £200. If I get that done and it shows the problem (which I am sure it will), do you think there is hope with a rejection? I have just spoken with a lady at "motorcode" who thought I might not be able to use an
  3. Sorry to post such a complex one first off. The dealer is now saying I knew they were a long way away when we bought it… “a fact known to yourself when you decided to purchase the vehicle; we delivered the van to you as part of your original purchase transaction.” “At no time did we enter into an agreement to collect your vehicle for potential service or repair.”
  4. It’s my first post. Like many I have joined with a problem and I am looking for some advice. I bought a pre-reg VW Transporter Kombi van from a VW dealer in April 2012. It was “as new” with delivery miles. The total cost was approximately £24,000. I bought it over the phone. Paid a couple of hundred quid on my personal credit card and bank transferred the rest. They delivered it for no charge. The dealer is 120 miles away. I never visited the dealer. I bought it for my business, a small LTD company i.e. just me. After the first month and 1000 miles the van developed a steering issue.
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