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  1. Hello fkofilee, Sorry for the delay in replying. I have just looked at Noodle and the credit searches only go as far back as 2014. The Payday Loans I had, I made arrangements with the lenders at the beginning of 2014 to discharge my liabilities. Should I send them SAR's then to get the information?
  2. Hello fkofille, Sorry for the late reply and Thank you for advising me. I will try and answer each question you have raised. I have not complained to any of the Payday lenders yet. They were Wonga, PoundstoPocket,QuikQuid, WageDayExpress,PaydayUK and the Money Shop (with the Money Shop, it was cheques that I had "cashed" but I was "extending" these on a monthly basis.) The loans were being credited on a monthly basis over a period of a year and a half to two years. My salary would go in, "pay" one lender, I would borrow a day later from them again, pay another lender, borro
  3. Hello CitizenB, I thought that might want me to go down that route as they have nothing to lose. Maybe end up paying me less by a decision from the FOS for the amount of months i actually rolled the loans over. I have looked at my bank statements that show me "rolling over" these loans on a monthly basis. Quik Quid, Wonga, Payday UK and Cash Til Payday. Looking at the amounts now, I was literally paying one and borrowing from the other to do it. I have not checked my credit files yet.
  4. Hello All, Happy New Year Everyone. I will try and make this very brief, the long and the short of it is that I had about 3 payday loans on the go at the same time and kept rolling them over for a period of about 2 years. They were quiet high sums, £700-£1,000. As you can imagine, my credit history has always been really bad and I was/am just about surviving. I sent a request to Payday UK for compensation and they have come back with "they can't provide me with a final response although they continue investigating my compliant." They have said refer it to the Ombudsma
  5. Thank you Andyorch, I managed to just acknowledge the claim. I appreciate the help given to me so far. I will send the CCA request tomorrow and the CPR request to the solicitors
  6. Hello theoldrogue, No, sorry, I have not done that yet - I registered earlier on the MCOL website and it was asking me to submit my defence in 122 words or less. I then stopped as I did not know what to put in there. Thank you
  7. The Claimant is Cabot Financial (UK) Limited Date of Issue: 3 August 2015 The POC are: By an agreement between Welcome Finance (WLCF) & the defendant on or around 25/04/2007 ("the agreement") WLCF agreed to loan the defendant monies. The defendant did not pay the instalments as they fell due and the agreement was terminated. The agreement was assigned to the claimant. The claimant therefore claims £1565.69. It was a loan that I took out on the 25 April 2007. I do not recall receiving the notice of assignment. I last made a payment approximately 2 years ago. I
  8. Thank you very much theoldrouge. I will provide the information required in an hour or so when I have access to the computer
  9. Hello All, Can someone help/advise me please? I am feeling stressed at the moment so will post the outline of what has happened. I know that you might need further information to possibly try and help, so please tell me what information I need to post and I will try and do that. Basicallly, I took a loan out on in April 2007 and continued making payments on it. Some time later, I stopped making payments and was relying on Payday Loans. I was making payments to a doorstep collector and when I found out that I did not have to do that, I basically stopped. I have now rec
  10. Appeal/Representations rejected. Sorry Matt, I missed your post, the contravention code was correct, 47. Paid the fine today! Thank you Jamberson
  11. Hello Jamberson and Matt, I pulled up onto the edge of the bus stop, I reversed to give the departing car more room to move out, I then pulled into the parking space. I was "stationary/stopped" for 10-15 seconds, I did not at any stage leave my car. If I was asked did I stop/wait within the bus stop markings I would have to say, yes, I was. Whether stopping means to get out or sit in the car to make a call, I would say no, I was waiting for the parking space to become available. That took about 30 seconds. I guess Waltham Forest would say I had technically stopped, reversi
  12. Thank you Doug. I do feel hard done by but as you say, such is life. Hello Matt I was definitely not parked, I don't know how to save the "contravention" video otherwise I would post it. It shows the car parked in the parking bay indicating to pull out, I appear on the bus stop, the indicating car tries to pull out, he waits until the traffic clears, he pulls out, I pull into the parking space. As I said, 30 seconds I must have been in the Bus Stop markings. Had I parked up on the bus stop and wandered into Tesco's, I would hold my hands up and pay it. I do think the CCTV
  13. Hello HungryDoug, Sorry I have just logged on here. I hope this is the right way to post street view on here? Ah, it won't let me post the Streetview link here as it is saying my post count is 8! I was waiting on the bus stop for less than 30 seconds outside the Tesco Express on St James Street, Walthamstow, E17. Hopefully you can access Streetview, it is shown as 32 St James Street, as you might be able to see the car parked in the picture is facing the wrong way to the traffic, which was the case when I saw the car there indicate, hence I pulled up onto the bus stop for
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