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  1. Hi and thanks again for the previous advice given. I sent a CCA request to Lowells on 25th May around 2 or 3 weeks later I received an acknowledgement stating that they are in receipt of my letter and will put further action on hold until they receive a copy of the CCA from Sygma. They are obviously well outside of the timescale for providing the information but unless someone advises otherwise, it seems prudent to let sleeping dogs lie. I didn't send a SAR as I don't need copies of statements and Lowells should provide a copy of the CCA if one is available. TBH I didn't know what else I should be asking for. Thanks again.
  2. I think the card was originally obtained via JJB sports to purchase a treadmill. There won't be any PPI or fees included in the balance as I'm certain there was no insurance on the agreement and I contacted the company directly when my finances collapsed and they agreed to stop interest and fees. Up to that point it was paid as per the agreement with no late or missed payments. I was away all day yesterday so sending the CCA request and SAR today.
  3. Thanks, I ill get the letters away and post the results or lack of them in here.
  4. Letter attached hopefully Scan_20170522 (2).pdf
  5. Sorry for the delay. I am trying to upload a copy of the letter but so far without success even following the instructions above
  6. Also if they are successful in getting a CCJ I assume that would appear on my credit file.
  7. It does say "a claim WILL be made against you in in the County Court Bulk centre without further notice"
  8. Hi, Looking for help and advice. Some years ago I took out a credit card in store with Sygma Banks UK. (guessing around 7 years ago) Having fallen on hard times due to chronic depression and anxiety attacks I was retired from work on ill health grounds about 5 years ago and came to an arrangement with Sygma to pay £5 pm. The Account was then sold to Moorcroft Group and then on to Lowells. I maintained the repayment until just over 3 years ago and have paid nothing since. The balance listed is £1235. Apart from the occasional letter asking me to get in touch and a heap of telephone calls which I haven't answered (number now blocked) I have heard nothing from them until recently and I have now received a letter of claim from Lowell Solicitors stating that unless I contact them or make arrangements to pay within the next 14 days, a claim will be made against me in the County Court Bulk Centre without further notice incurring extra fees such as interest and costs. My credit file is clear except for a closed account for Lowell which will be 6 years old in November this year. The original agreement wasn't signed at the point of sale as I remember them sending me another form though the post a few weeks later to sign. I can't remember any further details though. I'm pretty sure the original application was ticked to have PPI insurance although it wasn't taken up on the agreement form. I mention this due to my ongoing illness in case it might be relevant. The only paperwork I have now is the letters from Lowells. I don't have the money to pay it although in full. If it's at all possible I would like to protect my credit file. I was thinking of just setting up a standing order of £5pm which was the original payment plan and ignoring their letter. Is that likely to stop court action. If protecting my credit file is not possible then I'm thinking of ignoring them and taking the CCJ on the chin and waiting for 6 years until it expires. Any advice on how to proceed would be very welcome. Thank you in anticipation.
  9. Yes my credit file is more important to me at the moment and as I spent the money in the 1st place it's only right that I attempt to pay it back even though my circumstances have changed and I will never be able to fully repay it. I think I will leave things as they are and perhaps consider the above suggestions as a reserve action if things change. Thank you again for all of the advice.
  10. All sounds like good advise thank you. I think I will start by reducing the payment slightly and see what happens. I'm just worried about changing the status quo whilst potentially looking forward to a clear credit later this year.
  11. That sounds like a good plan thank you.
  12. The NatWest debt isn't showing on my credit file but I don't know if it ever has as I have only recently joined clearscore and as stated previously I moved address just over 5 years ago. However, given the size of the last known outstanding balance compared to agreed repayments I can't imagine it hasn't been defaulted in the past.
  13. That doesn't actually answer any of my queries. As I stated in my post I advised NatWest cards in writing. I know they received the letter as at the time I had 3 cards all managed by NatWest group and 2 of those addresses were changed as a result of my letter. Still looking for help and advice as to what I should do if anything rather than what I should have done!
  14. Hi, My 1st post on this forum so hope it's ok. Around 8 years ago I became ill and went on sick leave and was eventually given ill health retirement about 3 years ago so I live on a work based pension. This resulted in my being unable to afford to keep up repayments on various debts, 1 of which is a NatWest credit card which at the time had an outstanding balance of about 13k. I contacted them and agreed repayments of £30 per month. 5 years ago I moved house (owned outright) and informed NatWest cards by way of letter of the change. However, they failed to act on that change and since I moved I have heard absolutely nothing from them. I have continued to make the repayments of £30 per month regularly and never missed any via standing order. Looking at my credit score via clearscore it appears now that I only have 1 negative event which is an account which Lowells took over and is showing as a closed account 5 years ago. I am therefore assuming that come this November when the 6 year anniversary happens this will disappear and my credit file will be clear. I ask the question if anyone can help. Is that likely to be the case but more importantly should I just keep paying NatWest until I die as it will never be paid off at the current rate and I can't afford to pay more. I am concerned that If I get in touch now or change anything it will come back and affect my credit score now re-setting the clock to obtaining a clear credit score. Is it likely to haunt me in the future. Thanks for any help.
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