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  1. Thanks Michael, my taxi is licensed Oxford City council (hackney) and I was on an Oxford City Taxi Rank, if that helps.
  2. Thanks to you all, i think I have enough to hopefully save myself £70, which is about double my earnings today after Diesel. You responses were very quick, and I will now try to help others on here if I can.
  3. Thanks for your replies so far, I drive a public hire taxi (black cab) Not private hire (mini cab)
  4. Hi all, earlier today I got a parking ticket for £70 whilst I was parked on a Taxi Rank, strange, seeing that I drive a taxi, the Council Parking Warden said that because I was not in my Taxi,( I had nipped out for a pee) he could give me a ticket. The sign next to the Taxi Rank says "No stopping except Taxis at anytime" it does not mention anything about the Taxi needing to be attended. I know that I am supposed to be by my Taxi and available for hire if I am on a Rank, but that is a matter for the licensing officer and not a parking offence I hope. Has anybody got experience of this, or knows the parking law and can help please. It is not a red route, and there are no other restrictions in place, just a normal Taxi Rank. Many Thanks
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