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  1. HiNo, I could not pay that. I am in the process of applying for an IVA. What would my best course of action be with this?
  2. I see.Well what would you advise? I was thinking of admitting the loan amount of £200, but not the interest since I think the charges and fees are just extortionate?
  3. Hi I have just tried to acknowledge but it is asking me do I want to defend all or part of the claim? I am not sure what this means. The history is as follows. I took out a loan for 200 in July. Could not pay back due to mounting PDL debt. Asked for payment plan. Was offered one for 20 a month, where they did not stop all interest so the 20 was barely paying any principle. Paid for a few months. Then I stopped. It went to a DCA - Slater brooks? They have sent it to court. I apparently owe £530 which is ridiculous. Can you advise
  4. HiI think it is from Northampton County Court, but will double check as soon as I get home. I think it said I have 20 days to respond?
  5. Hi All I had a payday loan with Monkeydosh last year which I could not afford to pay back. I am about to request a DMP from payplan and was going to include this. I have today received documents from the court for a CCJ. Please help as I have no idea what to do next. The original loan was £200 and they are demanding £450 - I already paid over £60 too in payments when I had it on a payment plan. What do I do?
  6. Hi AllI have a number of payday loans I am trying to negotiate payment plans with.Currently am having real difficulty with UKLOANSTORE.Does anybody have experience with them? They are currently requesting bank statements, and I do not see why I should have to send these confidential materials.Can anybody advise?
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