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  1. I also received an email at 10:50 this morning, while I was chatting with their agent, not sure if it was a coincidence or triggered by my enquiry:
  2. Their website said to contact them via LiveChat, which luckily was open on Sunday and I managed to get through a live person quite quickly. Their response was: So I guess I should wait for their text and request a full refund.
  3. Well, it was the government themselves who opened the travel corridor with the Canaries as per their own website. They clearly advice against all but essential travel to all destinations other than those in the corridor, so I acted within their advice. They didn't say they recommended not booking anything since they could just decide to put another lockdown in place virtually overnight. Also before booking, I read that it was very unlikely that the travel corridor with the Canaries would close, and that their intention was to keep the Tiered system and just keep adding areas to Tiers 2 and 3 as required. So it was all done according to their own rules. I paid by credit card. As I said above, the website gives the option to amend the dates so I could potentially request a change for December or January, which would be subject to review by them depending on availability, I'm not sure whether this would be an idea to start with.
  4. Thanks, I have looked there but can't find anything specific to booked holidays, only this: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/new-national-restrictions-from-5-november But that doesn't say what to do about booked travel.
  5. Morning, Last week I booked a holiday to Tenerife after learning that they had reopened the travel corridor, only for the government to change its tack overnight and decide on yet another lockdown and foreign travel ban, just when they had said they would stick to the Tiered system instead of taking this draconian approach. It was booked via loveholidays, I have an option to amend my booking which would involve submitting a request to them, and, potentially, having to pay something extra, but they also have the following info on their website: As the government only made the announcement last night, the booking hasn't been cancelled yet. What would you recommend? Shall I try to amend now with a post-lockdown date, or shall I wait for them to cancel it?
  6. Thanks for that, I hope site admin are reading this thread because it should be easy enough to provide a link to the full site at the bottom of the mobile site and the number of users on large screen mobile devices is set to grow rapidly as they drop in price.
  7. I found the mobile style very practical for using the forum on the iPhone due to its small screen but I'm using an IPad with a 10 inch screen and its still automatically detected as a mobile device and I get served the same version as on the iPhone, which doesn't work that well on this large screen. Is there a way to disable the mobile style and view the full site? Quite a few sites offer the option to view the full version, I also design websites and do responsive designs for mobiles and computers, but when there is a totally different mobile style I always provide a link in the footer to the full site for smartphone and tablet users, I can't see the option on here!
  8. I would say you should just apply for the jobs, if they don't consider you for them you'll have a good argument to put forward to the DWP by showing them how many jobs you applied for and you didn't even get an interview. No point in arguing with them, better to show them what you mean with facts even if it's a waste of time, that way it doesn't look like you are in the wrong. I did that when I was claiming after the credit crunch, then discussed it when I had to see the advisor who ended up concurring with me.
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