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  1. I can see that having looked at CAG there are many people who are in a similar situation to mine. What if anything, legally can any of us do to stop this rip-off by Minicredit /OPOS taking place, or is it a case of "hard luck" you've made your bed now you must get on and deal with it. Like cptbloor whose situation is similar to mine, I am at a loss to know how to tackle these people. I will not phone them because they just become threatening on the phone. They will not talk to my Debt Managment Company at all, so how do any of us tackled this kind of attitude. Some advice would be helpful.
  2. Hi, I to am a newly registered user on here and i have also had problems with Minicredit. I borrowed £100 for which they charged me £20 to put it into my account. I missed the payment date and tried to set up a payment plan with them because I was overstretched financially that month, and they refused to help. They kept raiding my bank account and taking £25 per day from it getting me into a right mess with the bank, because it was putting me into an overdraft situation, a facility I do not have with my bank at the moment. When I asked them to stop doing this they refused, and said it was their right to take this money. I challenged this through my bank via the complaints process and got £50 of the money back. Minicredit then said I had committed fraud and were going to take me to court. The next thing I had was a call from OPOS Ltd. saying I have been handed to them by Minicredit and that I owed £875 and that my payment plan was £50 .75 per month which I have been paying for the last few months. It strikes me that Minicredit are in the business of ripping people off and acting very unfairly with their exorbitant charges. I think they should be investigated by the Government, and a stop put to this unlawful practice. When people borrow money from these payday loan companies you do it knowing that you will pay a higher charge when it is paid back, but Minicredit are just ripping people off with charges that go beyond the norm. £750 on what turned out to be and in the end a loan of only £80 and not £100 as requested is nothing more than a rip-off. Anyone else had similar experiences with this company. I would be interested to hear how you handled it because I am still trying to pay this back.
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