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  1. Update! I appealed, CA offered and accepted. The best outcome under the circumstances. Thank you for your help.
  2. Hi all, Hope you can help. I have been offered a CA by my employer after originally being dismissed for GM. I took this to appeal and was subsequently offered the CA after an off the record chat. Later this morning I'm visiting JCP and wondered what I should disclose? My ex employer and I had agreed that it would be seen that I was made redundant from my post, not dismissed. What is it that I tell JCP?
  3. Hello, I have received a date for my appeal. It's on Monday and I have been told I need to confirm my attendance and details of anyone (colleague, union rep) accompanying me by tomorrow. The letter also states that I should provide them with any documents I plan to use in the appeal and that they will only consider information as stated in my grounds for appeal. They were that I felt the sanction was outside the reasonable responses available and that the decision was unfair, based on precedent - basically that other colleagues have done similar and not been disciplined, or at least, cert
  4. Hi. I hadn't had any responses for a while so thought it might help me. Sorry about that.
  5. Hi all, Some of you may be aware of my circumstances as posted on my original thread. I have received the official dismissal letter (for GM - using abusive/derogatory comments on social media, that they included offensive language, that the tone was unacceptable etc) today and I would like to appeal. My grounds for appeal are that I have been given an unfair sanction. My account was in no way linked to the company, colleagues, nor was my name used on the account. I have evidence of other staff members, who were clearly linked to the company, who had also made posts that
  6. Hi HB, Yes I can appeal, though I didn't get the chance to say that in the meeting. I was told they will send their decision in writing, I will have 5 days to appeal and that's it.
  7. So, I have been dismissed for GM for using offensive, derogatory language on a social media site, and that has broken down trust and confidence and made me unsupportable as a staff member. I don't think any of the other staff have been investigated, or at least no one is facing (has yet faced) a sanction even close to mine. I am going to appeal unfair dismissal on the grounds that it is a unfair sanction? and not consistent with other disciplinary actions. Does that sound correct / right? Or have I got my wording wrong?
  8. Thank you. They replied and it has been rearranged from this afternoon to tomorrow morning. Not much extra time (6 working hours), but extra time none the less. Because I am convinced the meeting will just be them informing me I have been dismissed, can anyone offer any advice or their experience of what to expect at this type of meeting? I'm thinking that it's best for me to say little, get the result and then inform them that I am appealing and that I will submit my appeal in writing along with the grounds. Is that correct?
  9. Excellent, thank you. They provided additional statements in the email too. I think they may work in my favour - should I wish to appeal - and I would like some time to have my whole case looked at.
  10. I received an email from work yesterday inviting me in to reconvene the meeting on Monday. I'm seeking legal advice today. Is it fair t ask for an extra day before the meeting? Say, to request that the meeting is on Tuesday because I require legal advice etc?
  11. I understand your first point. It's so frustrating. They said similar and said that the reason they're looking at it so unfavourably is what if a staff member seen it? But I had sought clarification from HR and was advised I wasn't breaching any policies so I truly believed it was ok - how stupid and naive was I?! I could kick myself. If it was a huge company with a hardline stance about things then I would expect nothing less, but there is little consistency in the way they deal with things. It's gone too far now and I'm out (tbc) so I suppose I just need to get on with it and see if I h
  12. Hi Emmzzi, Should I mention coming to some kind of mutual agreement? I just don't know what to do for the best anymore.
  13. Clean reference mainly and money to get by? I'm scared of the impact being dismissed for gross misconduct will have on future employment.
  14. The company isn't very big and so they work with an outside HR org, yes. They did state yesterday that they sought legal advice - or words to that affect, though I'm not convinced. I just wondered if I should approach them and advise them that I am aware of some details they did not provide in the meeting, that I feel I have been unfairly targeted, or wait until the actual meeting. I have discovered that the 3rd party they claim they instructed to audit traffic to/from one of their social media accounts, is owned/ran by the husband of the colleague I suspect has it in for me (office
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