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  1. Please to try to be more clear with the questions you ask... I assumed you meant something else previously, but I can still answer this for you. For starters an advisor can only access your account when you are there with them, so you and the advisor are both looking at the screen while the advisor is looking for jobs for you to save. So that's your opportunity to speak up and get involved, an advisor shouldn't just be saving jobs for you and making you apply for them, it should be more of a two way street. Ill create a scenario, you go in to the Jobcentre to sign on, the ad
  2. So true! A lot harder to get your point across via text only Saying that all the information I have stated Is correct at the time of it being posted.
  3. Ahh I see, I can clear this up right now. I am not a Jobcentre Advisor nor am I employed by the Jobcentre! I apologise if it came across that way, I just help staff and customers with UJ and IT problems. I create guides for staff and customers that are handed out to customers to help them. Ohh my bad I didn't realise, no worries, mistakes happen, it's all good.
  4. I do... your point is? When I post something, then go to edit it, it changes something an I then have to go back in mess with it, I just think it's me and the fact am new here.
  5. Am pretty sure stikky62 was talking about when applying for jobs that are just on the site or in the recommended jobs section. Not talking about jobs that have been saved by an advisor, maybe stikky62 could elaborate to make this clear. But my impression was that it was for jobs just on the site, not saved jobs. Am pretty sure you are mistaken. An advisor, on JSA, checks to see what they have done to look for work, so looking in the 'Application history' and 'Activity history' of the UJ site and obviously if a job was saved by an advisor, if they had applied for that job. In the
  6. I understand, and I understand why you came in with a pre-emptive warning, yes maybe saying are you trying to be annoying, might of been a little brash, but am not going to treat anyone like a child and it wouldn't of gone any further than that.
  7. Who told you, you had to give a reason why you couldn't apply for a job? You do not have to give a reason. "Is this just a way to check we're actually looking at job vacancies?" As of right now, no. If you see a job that is 100 miles away, and you say, for the reason why you did not apply, 'Job is too far from my home' then you will not be sanctioned. It's there, from what I believe, to help improve the site. Let's say 500,000 people use the site, and all 500k give a reason why they did not apply for a job. So 300k say that the job is too far from
  8. I see, I am new here, so I will stick to a much more advice type role of information giving.
  9. The logical technicalities of trying to setup a system where someone's CV would be sent out automatically to an employer is immense. The amount of data needed from someone to get a decent match would be quite large, and with the amount of people up in arms about UJ, which requires 7 'bits' of information, you can imagine the amount of people that would complain if they had to provide much more in depth detail about themselves to the Government. People's lives are very complex, from hard family relationships, sick family members, children, unplanned accidents. If a person's CV was s
  10. Ahem. When did I say I was an advisor for JCP? I am not. I have lots of patience for people who want to learn I spend the majority of my day sitting with customers who have never used computers in their life, an ask me where the 'A' button is. Am a very patient person and are thanked a lot for the help I provide. I don't have patience for people who make what I call stupid remarks, when if they actually tried out the system, and read the terms and conditions and privacy policy they would have a more slight understanding of what it is about. Edit: Also speaking to their advisor wou
  11. There is checks to see whether employers are real, the fake employers that got through managed to get past the checks, yes, it shouldn't of happened but it did. It. Will. Get. Better. Can anyone remember when Monster was first launched? Fish4jobs? Indeed? They well could have had the same issues, we just didn't hear about it, but I could be wrong. You are wrong. You will not be sanctioned for not applying for a job that you cannot do. You will be sanctioned for not applying for a job that you CAN do. If you can do a job, then do it, sounds pretty simple to me. Where are you getting your
  12. Hi again HB. I'll make it very clear, to register on UJ, you will need to provide... 1. Your first name 2. Your surname 3. Your city/town 4. Your region 5. Your postcode 6. Your email address 7. And a skill you think you have Now from that list, you tell me, what part of it does the Jobcentre not have already? Edit: Some people do not have emails, don't use that as an answer if you don't have an email.
  13. Why do you think the Jobcentre can remotely monitor you? When they cannot. "personal data"? what do you think personal data is? And what do you think they can actually see? Am curious.
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