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  1. As you sure I shouldnt pay them as I did damage the perfume so much it probably cant be resold?
  2. So they cannot prosecute me or destroy my credit rating or land a county court judgement on me like they say they can do if I don't pay? I should just ignore? Are you sure this is the best course of action? And, ahh. I am such a fool. Will I not need CRB screening for university? I plan to do well for my A-Levels, hopefully 3 A-A*s but if this appears on my CRB what then? I won't be going to a good uni?
  3. Someone just told me that there is a small chance of it appearing in an Enhanced CRB, it is always not certain that it'll appear? Something in the computing field. Computer science? Technician? However if I was to be a technician at a college or school would this Fixed Penalty affect this? And also, what can I do about the RPL letters? I have read around the internet about these people. If I just ignore wouldn't they harass me until I pay?
  4. What if I do want to become something within those fields? Would I have to state this during every job interview I have?
  5. I am a total idiot. Today I decided to steal a fragrance from my local Debenhams store. I took it to the toilet of the store, ripped off the barcode and then flushed it down the toilet. I then walked out of the store, however I was stopped on the street by Debenhams security guards. I'm only 17 and this shocked me. I didn't know what the hell was going through my head. I could've paid for it myself but I felt getting it for free was more cooler. I was an idiot I suppose. the police officer came. He said because I have no prior history on the database, I will only be given a fine which will not be recorded on any database and will not destroy my future career options. He said this fine was more like a speeding ticket. The offence code was DA12. paid of the fine already of £80, however when I got home I researched this and discovered that offence DA12 is recordable and I will now have a criminal record? the value of the item was £45. I was given an information sheet about RLP taking civil recovery. How much would this roughly be? I do not want to fight as I want to pay this off immediately and try to get rid of any offences being recorded.
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