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  1. Thank you for your reply I paid them the £70 they asked me to pay at the time of repair, which they told me i'd have to pay at the time i called them to come and do the repair. Should i also pay them what i would have paid elsewhere had i gotten it repaired myself. What percentage should i give them at the moment and should i request the transcript of conversation or leave it be
  2. Hi My vehicle was broken into. I called up autoglass. They asked me the type of insurance i had which i told them it was third party fire & theft. They then asked me if i had glass cover to which i said i dont know or i think so as i didnt have my policy documents with me. They came the following day and fixed the glass on the basis that i had glass cover. A few months down the line they contacted me saying my insurance company said i do not have glass cover, which i consequently verified. Now they are chasing me a ridiculous amount of money. I made a complaint to them that when i first spoke to them i told them that i wasnt sure about my cover. I'm pretty certain that i didnt say i had glass cover for sure. Prior to calling autoglass i had called another company who said they's get back to me once i gave them my car details. This company called me back after auto glass had been to inform me that my insurance did not cover glass repair/replacement and advised me of my options. I feel that based on my uncertainty at the time of speaking to autoglass they could have at least verified the details with my insurance company before coming out to fix the glass and then checking later. If i had known i could have repaired the glass independently at the fraction of the money they are now claiming to be owed to them. I have disputed this and they said they have audio evidence. I said fine- send me the audio file to which they said they could only send me a transcript, which i believe will be doctored to suit them. What should i do?
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