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  1. OK both cars are in my partners name, but the letter I got from Rossendales is just in my name. I will speak with the Council today.
  2. Its only me and my partner who live in the house, so I don't think the Vulnerable Person wouldn't include me. The Bailiffs haven't been out yet, but I will contact the council and tell them that I can pay so much a month (until we move out hopefully very soon) so we can then pay a bit more each month. Hopefully that way no-one will be knocking on our door to try and get stuff out. I fear for my partner as she might let them in as she doesn't understand the rules. I will need to make sure that she understands that they are not allowed to just walk into the house.
  3. Oh and also, they told me that if I don't pay this debt then I will have to pay extra charges for the bailiff to come and visit!! Can I refuse this as I have already offered to pay a monthly cost??
  4. Hello all, I am hoping that someone might be able to help me. I recently got a letter from Rossendales regarding a council tax bill that I owe from last year. I called the company to try and arrange a payment, but they told me that I Must pay £250 a month to clear the debt otherwise, I would have Bailiffs knocking on my door, and removing my goods. I have read the responses on hear regarding bailiffs, and understand that if don't have to answer the door to these people. I do not know what to do, do I contact the council and tell them that I offered to pay a set amount each month, but
  5. I wonder if someone can help. I keep getting Voice Messages and text messages from Robinson Way. I dont know who they are, and I havent received any letters from them, so I dont know what they want. When they do call, and I answer the phone, its just a message asking me to call them?? I was wondering if I should call them, or just ignore the phone calls. Look forward to some help.
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