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  1. On 1st March 2014 I upgraded early with Talk Mobile and paid to come out of my other contract with them, I signed up for Samsung S3 mini and a contract of 100 minutes 5000 texts and 250 megabytes of data a month for £13 a month for 24 months when I logged into my account online on 6th March 2014 I found I'd been put on a contract for £13.00 a month and 5000 texts only no data. Contacted Talk Mobile and the advisor I spoke to was rude and arguing with me over what i had signed I had copy of my contract in front of me she went away and eventually agreed I was correct and I was advised that the matter would be resolved within 5 to 10 working days and in mean time a bolt on would be added to account to cover any costs I incurred. I contacted them again regarding matter a few days later to see what was going on no further progress so on 13th March I made a complaint with there queries department via email and was advised that an investigation was taking place into issue and that I would get a call back from someone called John on or before the 20th March I contacted Talk Mobile requesting full name and contact number for this person no one could give me those. In the end on 19th March I emailed the CEO Mr Taylor and it has been put in the hands of High Level Complaints Team and i have had numorous promises of matter been resolved before my tarriff refresh date on 01/04/2014 and still no luck. I am still awaiting on matter been resolved. Talk Mobile blame Vodaphone who's network they sit on I just want it sorting and someone to take responsibility for there actions. I have been a customer of Carphone Warehouse over ten years for mobile phones and a Talk Mobile Customer nearly two years and have never experienced such appaling service. Can anyone advise me of any way i can resolve this issue.
  2. Hi Jamie thankyou for you reply and for speaking to me this morning. I have sent you an email this evening giving you my claim number with yourselves and outlining my concerns with Carpenters. Up to this point no one from Hastings has contacted me after giving you the information over the phone earlier. if there is any further details you require like my policy number please feel to contact me. kind regards impossibleprincess
  3. Hi I have an unresolved insurance claim with Hastings. In October a lady went into the back of me I informed Hastings of the matter, I was advised to get my car looked at which I did damage had been done to my car, the third party at first didn't want to go through the insurance but once I got quotes for damage she wasn't prepared to pay so put it through insurance. Hastings put me on to Nationwide to get the car repaired they did a great job, problem I have now is Hastings have put my claim through to Carpenters solictors to chase my excess who I don't feel I'am receiving the best possible service from. Could someone please advise as I want to get this matter resolved ASAP as I have been left out of pocket after having to pay my excess. I feel that Hastings have washed there hands of the matter as I have had no contact from them since this. This is kind of scary to me as I have never had to claim on my car insurance before
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