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  1. Thanks youngandfree. I will get this finished tonight and the LBA will be in the post tomorrow. Will let you know how I get on.
  2. Thanks for your help Youngandfree. I am away quite a lot and usually have to go at short notice. I have decided to send the LBA anyway and I will ask someone to look out for my mail for me, so that I can act as soon as I get a reply from the Alliance and Leicester (or not as the case may be). I was just a bit worried that if the letters did not follow on straight away that I would lose the momentum. If I do have to go to court then I will worry about that one if it happens. I have just posted another thread about the Letter before Action, I don't understand about the amount charged in
  3. Firstly, how the heck do I find my last thread on this forum. Secondly I am just putting together the info for the LBA BUT I don't understand part of it, can someone explain please. " I calculate that you have taken £XXXXX plus £XXX which you have charged me in overdraft interest for the sum which you have taken. Total £XXXXX." I don't understand the bit about plus £XXX in overdraft interest. What is this, because the forum says not to include the 8%, where do I get the figure for the overdraft interest? Sorry to be so thick, but I want to get this correct.
  4. I have just received a letter back from Alliance and Leicester saying "sorry blah blah, our charges are reasonable. We cannot accept that you have been unfairly charged and am unable to agree to your request for a refund on this occasion". I have been away quite a lot and unable to respond to them, the letter is dated 28th December, I wrote my letter asking for my fees back on 19th December. I know that I should be sending the next letter which is the Letter Before Action, but I am worried that if it comes to it and I have to go to court, I will be working away and might miss a court date a
  5. I have a failed direct debit charge 16th Nov 2000 £27.50.
  6. Have added up the amount owed in charges it comes to over £800.00, I am now preparing the Prelim Letter and trying to find the spreadsheet which calculates the charges and interest. Do I have to list the charges individually? I know that I don't add the 8% at this stage. I have sent the initial letter to MBNA, regarding they have until 20th September when their 40 days is up. It will be interesting to see if they respond. Has anyone else had dealings with MBNA?
  7. OK thanks for the advice will do as you suggest. Also will be starting the same process with MBNA - watch this space!!!!
  8. I have just received all details of my statements, wow wot a lot I got. Am working through them adding up all my charges. I know I should read the forum more, but can anyone tell me which letter I send next please. I also have a credit card with MBNA who I believe now are part of A & L (or the other way around). MBNA have taken a direct debit early, thus sending me overdrawn and thus incurring another £34 charge. I am beside myself. Is it true that I can also claim all charges back from Credit Card Companies as well, if so I am really going to sock it to MBNA. Any advice
  9. Thanks for you help. I'm really looking forward to socking it to them.
  10. Forums and threads are all new stuff to me, so if I make a mistake please tell me. I'm sure someone will, after reading a lot of the messages on the forum you seem a helpful lot out there. I posted my Data Protection Letter and received back a form "Data Protection Act - Subject Access Request" and a letter asking me for £10. Will fill this in and return it with £10 cheque and see what happens next, I am assuming I will get copies of all the charges made on my account in return.
  11. I have just posted a letter to the Alliance and Leicester requesting details of all transactions for the last six years. I got the letter format from this website. Does anyone have any experience with the Alliance and Leicester? I was listening to the Money Box Programme on Radio 4 and they said the Alliance and Leicester were closing the accounts of the people who claimed back their bank charges.
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