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  1. The Lil one is still definitely living with her- even tho the letter says : I'm writing to tell you that liability for child maintanance is no longer in force, this liability for child maintanance ended on 28/12/12 This means that regular payments no longer need to be made Then goes on to say if there's any arrears ( which there isn't) - they will contact him. Then : the reason why the application is no longer in force is as follows : the other parent does not have Thame qualifying child or children living with them! ??? We were so confused by this n obviously worried but we h
  2. No, another issue we're trying to resolve -but she is havin none of it- we haven't seen him for about 12 months now, She stopped all access when se found out we were getting married and then put a claim in for csa. He's going to run csa tomorro see if there is anything he can do, if not we'll open a bank account. Put it in there. Thanks for your replies
  3. Yes this is correct - I kno some people would probably be happy with this. The child is definately still in her care as Iv spoken to someone who knows them well but the letter he received from csa said the payments were no longer in force because the child is no longer residing with her ? So Basically she's sayin a big fat 'F YOU' to us - ur money isn't good enough, how ever I believe that money is for her child! N if it's not good enough for her then she should put it into the child's bank account. Thank u
  4. Hi I'm new hope I'm posting in the right place- My husband recently contacted csa as both our wages have been reduced - I'm now on maternity leave and have been told I don't earn enough to get smp from my employer so Iv had to go thru job centre n claim maternity allowance and in September he had his hours reduced at work. Since this we have been struggling to make ends meet ( I also have a 3 year old son from a previous relationship) anyway he had no choice but to inform csa of our reduced income, they recalculated the claim and it appears that the amount we Should pay is not good enoug
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