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  1. Well after receiving a couple of further letters from a debt collection agency I have now got one from "Debt recovery plus Ltd" headed "NOTICE OF INTENDED LITIGATION" stating they intend to recover costs of £222.00! Still holding on and ignoring........
  2. Hi All, Hoping someone can help or offer advice as really not sure what to do! I parked in Asda's "free" car park in Biggleswade on 15th Dec but overstayed the 2 hours allowed by twenty minutes as it was manic in the shop due to everyone out christmas shopping! I have now received a letter from Town and City parking Ltd called a parking charge notice which shows camera images of the vehicle entering and leaving the site which are time and date stamped. The "charge" is for £70.00 and reduced to £40.00 if payed within 14 days. My partner is the registerd keeper but it was me driving on the day? Am i right in thinking there was a new law that came out recently that made the registerd keeper liable? Should my partner admit that it wasnt her driving and give them my details? Should I pay or just ignore the whole thing as so many people have said on the forum before its just Im worried the new law may catch up with me. I went in to the store today to complain to the manager who said there is nothing she can do and was very unhelpful. I really want to ignore as this makes me very angry to think that we as a family spend thousands and thousands of pounds in this store scince it opened.
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