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  1. Hi, I am new to this site and have just come across a few threads mentioning Toothfairy/Marshall Hoarers Bailiffs. I received this email 2 days ago and have no way of contacting them especially by phone on a charging number. They have no email to contact them on. I did set up a £50 repayment plan from 31.12.12 but was unable to pay due to work problems. I am in contact with Citizens Advice but don't have an appointment until Wednesday 9th Jan 2013 to get any payday loans settled. Is this email legit and will they turn up at my house this week? BY LETTER AND EMAIL Online payment ID: 16559868 Outstanding amount: 1058 PRE-VISIT Notice Client: ToothFairy Finance Ltd - ToothFairy Pay Day Loan*** Client Ref: 16559868 Date: 03/01/2013 You have failed to make suitable repayment arrangements concerning the above arrears which remain outstanding. Our recovery Agents will now visit your premises to discuss your debt and arrange repayment .All visits may be chargeable. You must make the IMMEDIATE FULL PAYMENT of all outstanding amounts (as shown above) to prevent this action from commencing or contact us to arrange a suitable repayment plan. YOU HAVE 3 DAYS FROM THE DATE STATED IN THIS NOTICE TO MAKE PAYMENT NOTE: THIS IS YOUR FINAL CHANCE TO AVOID COURT ACTION. NO FURTHER WARNING WILL BE GIVEN A fully prepared case will be sent to your local County Court or Sheriff Court to be issued. If we are successful and receive judgement we will apply for a Warrant of Execution or Scottish equivalent to seize goods or an Attachment of Earnings Order or Scottish equivalent to have this debt deducted directly from your salary, this would require us to liaise with your employer. WE ADVISE YOU TO CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY on 08433811111. Yours faithfully Door Collections Marshall Hoares Bailiffs Telephone: 0843 381 1111 The content of this email should not be considered as an acceptance of any offer unless we previously review and expressly approve in writing your terms and conditions relating to the subject matter of this email. The information in this email is private and confidential. If you are not th e intended recipient(s) or have otherwise received this email in error, please delete the email and inform the sender as soon as possible. This email may not be disclosed, used or copied by anyone other than the intended recipient(s). Any opinions, statements or comments contained in this email are not necessarily those of Marshall Hoares Bailiffs Limited. If you wish clarification of any matter, please request confirmation in writing. Marshall Hoares Bailiffs Limited is a company registered in England and Wales whose registered address is Marshall Hoares Bailiffs Limited, 15 Lyndhurst Terrace, London, NW3 5QA, United Kingdom. Company registration number 06871092. Marshall Hoares Bailiffs Limited is licensed by the Office of Fair Trading under Consumer Credit Licence number 631168. We take precautions to minimise the risk of this email containing a software virus but you should use virus checking software.
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