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  1. My debts are 1780 to littlewoods 680 to next and 140 to orange between me and my partner
  2. Hiya, ive currently worked out that i owe £2600 to all my creditors, im wanting to find a way to put all this debt into one payment and pay no more than £40 a month does anybody have experience with this or any idea how to do this? Thanks Becky
  3. Thankyou do you think they are likely to agree to lower payment! I just need to pay priority bills before these! my minimum payment on each is 20pound but between me and my partner we have 4 catalogue debts! so its like 80 a month if not more! i just cant afford that at the minute!
  4. Hello, i don't really know where this is supposed to go on this site! but im wanting some help with a letter to littlewoods & next telling them i want my payment lowering because struggling to pay, has anyone got a template or anything because im rubbish when it comes to writing letters! thanks
  5. So should i write a letter to littlewoods and next asking to lower the payments? thanks
  6. Could i get taken to court if i don't pay the amount they are asking for a month? I'm really thick when it comes to these things charitable advice agencies?
  7. Hello, i'm new to this forum so i'm not quite sure where i should post this! Me & my partner have littlewoods & next catalogues, & i'm really struggling to keep up with all the payments! is there any way i can reduce the minimum payment with any of these if so anyone done it before & how did you manage to get them to agree! I'm starting to worry about this now as i don't want to get a bad credit rating but just can't afford the minimum payments they are asking for! I'm a stay at home mum and my partner works but we have lots of bills to pay and these ones haven't been my priori
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